I don’t need help in seeing this is stupid.  In tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters your only help will be from a radio station a hundred miles away.  Your cell-towers will be destroyed.  Congress can make AM/FM radios in vehicles mandatory.

This tip will help you when your disaster strikes.


Armed and dangerous, just like the woman at Ruby Ridge who was killed by the FBI while holding a baby in her arms.


The Double Mint Editor:  What do you know about twins, LL ?

Look Up Cat:  I know a bunch.  Here is some info on the earliest twins.  The ancient Greeks and Romans had gods for everything.

Gemini is one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

Identical twins have the same DNA, but not fingerprints.

Trump news.  The HOR needs to be having televised Hunter/Joe investigations.


Poor Stormy.

Bragg is the hero.


Kid Rock doesn’t like Budweiser or the Light Bud.


I want to see the Republican HOR start withholding funds for crooked agencies.  They will be cursed no matter what they do.

Bragg is a self-important POS for the Democrat Party.  If the Yorkers don’t mind their kids being shot in the street, I sure don’t.

Winsome is a treasure.


The HOR should not approve any funds for education.


The Virgin Islands are issuing subpoenas concerning Epstein.

And the beat goes on.

Joey’s Medicare Advantage plans.

Poor Joey, and his Chinese money affair.

Will Meghan run for Feinstein’s Senate seat, or maybe for President ?

Jill wants the national title to be meaningless, there is no excellence in the Democrat Party.

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