The Democrats want baseball to be like elections.

The WPGA are pitiful.  Do any object ?


The Social Democratic Party of Germany was a branch of the American Democrat Party.  The German branch liked Jews more than their American counterpart.


The Busy Editor:  Are you busy this week, LL ?

I Should Say Cat:  We had the NCAA College Championships, and now Good Friday, Easter, and The Masters.

Good Friday this year is on MST’s birthday.  It must be a sign.

Today is Good Friday, and Sunday is Easter– with a little history.


The Masters started yesterday.

The menu for 2023.

Each hole.

Watch out for animals.


The Internet is reporting that Jesus will assume the McDonald’s name and turn it into a Fish-Loaves-and Wine franchise.

More reports say he gave Pigleosi’s Soul to the January 6 Viking with the horned helmet.  Swen said it was like new, never used.

This is what Americans face every day.  Vote them out.

Mayorkas is a buffoon, he is doing what President Buffoon says to do.


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