Have the tickets bronzed.


A Pride Jersey is woke.


The Definition Editor:  Can you define woke, LL ?

For Sure Cat:  I sure can.  Here is how Webster defines it.

Here is my cat-definition.  Antifa and Black Lives Matter ( BLM ) acted as one after the George Floyd murder.  This is a short history.  The Ivory Rule Media became radical-left-Democrat, and censored everything not Democratic.  The sanctuary states/cities stopped arresting arsonist and killers.  They also reduced police budgets.

Public schools became arms of the Democrats teaching hate courses of CRT and 1619 BS.

The LGBTQ +, BLM, Antifa, Trans everybody, and rich donors funded the riots, marches, and arson incidents.  BLM received 83 BILLION Dollars in contributions.  One co-founder bought 4 homes for herself.

The public teacher unions teach child sexual abuse and aren’t prosecuted.  Violence by the “LGBTQ,etc.”  students is hidden and covered up.  Here is a parents bill-of-rights that not one Democrat voted for in the HOR.  The dem teachers don’t want parents to know what they are teaching, who they protect, or how the parent’s property tax is spent.

The generals appointed by Joey are as woke as you can get–promoting the gay lifestyle in the services and service academies.

They keep trying to change history.

Only withholding federal taxpayer money,  and new laws will reverse the damage.

Can you condense it even more, FSC ?

I can.  Almost every institution and bureaucracy in America is corrupted.  Violence is a main instrument.  They include immigration, DOJ, Congress, Biden, sanctuary states/cities, the main stream media, teacher unions, CDC, many doctors, the armed forces, Foreign Policy/State Department, banking system, a 31 trillion dollar national debt, and many more.

It’s a sad country.  I’m going to stick around to see how it ends.

Nike is all in, they make a biological male the new face for female sportswear—JUST  DO  IT.


New York is number one.  Maybe they should ramp up education.


Sue them all.

Good ole Woke Starbucks fires the employee who started their union.  Aren’t they Progressive ?

Elon smacks the New York Times.


MTG upsets the limousine liberals.

The Saudis don’t like Joey.

This is for our new readers, the experienced already know that anything from the Democrats is a lie or Chinese.

Very few first news reports are complete.

Mexico is getting as dangerous as Chicago and New York.

Wisconsin news.

The LSU women’s basketball team tells Jill Biden to buzz off.

The King’s Guard tells tourist to buzz off.

San Francisco bystanders tell a stabbed-bleeding man to buzz off.

Good, play hardball.  What’s good for January 6 is good for Nashville.  The female killer is just that.

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