Presidential elections could do this, but the public wouldn’t tolerate lying and cheating in sports.

Students should pay for their courses each day, that way it won’t be a burden.


You don’t have to be a Google stockholder or Nancy Pigleosi’s office manager to understand this policy.

The End of America–let’s make English for airline pilots and the armed forces optional.


The Not So Fast Editor:  That’s a catchy title, LL.

The Foul Mouth Cat:   It sure is, and there is a lot going around.  The Fauci scabs are first.

San Fran Sico has a new slogan, come for the crime and leave your broken windshield in our feces covered streets.  Maybe Paul Pelosi’s head bashing was because the illegal man couldn’t find his car to bash.

This is great news.  Are all of the LGBTQA + show hosts on CNN and MSNBC in hiding.  I haven’t seen any of their original thoughts or witty comments for a while.

We all know the FBI is butt-buddies with the Democrat Biden Family.

Fair news.

Killer seaweed is coming.

West Virginia is making progress, and a bonus.

Does the new Chicago Mayor have counselors or police in his security detail ?

Maybe Barry and Michelle Obama can come back and continue Barry’s social work.  Does their Secret Service detail carry guns or 10 step brochures ?


The Masters loses a tree.


Trump should do a self-arrest like AOC did a few months ago.  She wasn’t handcuffed but held her hands as if she was.


The Democrats have prosecuted the Jan. 6 protest and other conservative protest to prevent future protest through fear of prosecution.


Putin invading Ukraine was as stupid as Hitler opening up the Russian offensive.


Are the disabled cheating ?  Why not.

Those silly Chinese, make 30 percent of everything sold in America.  Check your made-in label.

The San Francisco mess has been going on for over 20 years.  It’s too late to help Bob Lee’s family.  You could save others with some political action.

Kamala is a hate-filled-screaming loser.


Keith Olbermann should be a nature poster boy for slime/feces.

I will assume any conviction will go to the Supremes.

Mitch is a rich ” swamper “.  Stay in Kentucky Mitcharoo.

Make the kid’s middle name Charles and his first name Sioux, to honor Native Americans.

Ban these child molesters from any public school.

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