Netflix secrets.

You can pay in rat-pelts if you are poor.


The same thing happened with autism and stupid Democrats.


The Confused Editor:  What or who woo is your article about, LL ?

I’m Confused To About Woo Who Cat:  At first I thought it was about the Asiana plane crash in San Decrasho from a few years ago.  The report was aired for the truth, but a mischievous writer had doctored the script for the newswoman.

The newswoman appears to be like Joey, and reads whatever is given by the staff.  I thought Woo might have been the passenger who survived the plane crash but was run over by the fire truck.

As it turns out woo is about a tweet.

I’m glad to get that out of the way.  I was afraid that flied lice might be in my notes that Amigo prepared.  Here is what Xi Jinping is preparing for you know who.

Where do you fit in ?

Have you ever heard a politician say this, that wasn’t under indictment.

Biden blames the leak on Trump.  Biden has a number to call to get national security secrets, 1-800-COMMIES.


Youngkin is making progress is Virginia.


Many of the mass shootings were failures of the authorities.


Robert Kennedy Jr. has entered the Democratic President race.


I guess the Ambassador job in Italy didn’t work out for skank Nancy.


A San Francisco millionaire was stabbed to death on the street.


MTG is the Republican Pigelosi.  We are still working on the MTG and AOC Texas Death Wrestling Match.


Joe’s time on Earth is short.

I’m tired of reporting killings where the killer is not punished.  The Yorkers want it, they seem to ask for it.

Keep Hunter & Joe busy with subpoenas.

Senator Blumenthal breaks a leg during parade on Saturday.  He is the ” stolen honor ” Senator who lied about serving in Vietnam.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—-WOO WHO

  1. I am not sorry the Conn Senator broke his leg. Seems fair for someone who lied about his service in Vietnam, and Conn knew this when they elected him so I guess they deserve him.

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