I am not a robot, just stupid.


A stupid Dick.  Liz is back in the news, but she isn’t quoted by me anymore.


The Xi Jinping Editor:  What is on tap today, LL ?

The Experimental Cat:  Here is an experiment.

The Economy Section.

The Democrat Retarded Section.

For Animals.

Republican News.

Woke Stuff.  I cat-think that the trans-people have serious problems.  I hope they can work through them, but please shut up about being women, performing sports against women, and supporting child sexual anything.

In Western America—separate restrooms and another faker.


Words of cat-wisdom stolen or edited–if the lights went out every time Biden lied, you would have to be a bat to get home at night in D.C.

Will Xi Jinping still send Hunter & Joey their bribes.

It would take nukes.  China would have 100 thousand troops there in a day.  They could move more personnel faster than the Democrats can move fake voters.


If Joe Biden resigned today, America and the world would be a better place, he is EVIL.

Like Biden, the Dalai Lama needs to retire.


This is what the Democrats want.  Every White person in America should take the same day off from work.  Call in, text, and email being White.


The Democratic Pentagon has already dropped the education level, and tattoo ban.  The next requirements dropped will be drug-free volunteers, and English speakers.


Jeremy Renner is America in this dramatization, the snowplow is the Democrats, Radical Liberals, and media.


Don’t bitch, youse guys elected the scum.

They should be tried like the Jan 6 protesters.


Rahm wins Masters.

Gavin is a greasy haired metro-sexual.

2024 is a lifetime from now ( hopefully Joey will have retired.)

Trump has a new ad.

Don’t buy any Budweiser product.

Test the dead baby for drugs.

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