Wait until this creep is laid off, and realizes he voted for Biden.


It’s better than Epstein’s Island.  Where are those videos ?  Is Ghislaine OK ?  Is her cell better than Prince Andrew’s new home ?


The Get Real Editor:  Is  this about the truth or science, LL?

The Actual Cat:  It sure is, America needs a web site that has actual facts.  Nothing about lies, half-truths, opinions, etc.  The web is like the wild west.  There are more lies than Battle Creek has corn flakes.  The Pope is a good example.

Pope Francis got his flair for fashion in the Little Pope Academy, and Ralphie’s mother.

What is real ?

It’s wonder world.

The real place is not the media.  A woman who said she was a man killing the school children and employees in Nashville has the media’s sympathy.

We will miss you, Dianne.  Another miserable excuse for a Senator is tapped by Father Time and Mother Nature.  Adios.  Hopefully, Mitch McConnell is right behind you.


Boycotts can be effective, as everyone says–Money Talks.

I hope this ends my Bud articles.


Trump is an enemy of the swamp.  He isn’t corrupted by the political-incest-money.


It sounds like kidnapping.  Take the federal money away.

Be careful.


This identity crap should have gone to the Supremes 3 years ago.  Joe isn’t running the party, the rich dems are running it.  Many rich Republicans are just as corrupt.


States should ban these unethical practices.

Even CBS reports Biden’s smelly lies.


Kamala should be the next Democrat to run for President.

Rottweilers and pit bulls should be banned.

Sue the Railroad, and post a weekly update.

Joey cancels Priest at Walter Reed Hospital.

That’s the spirit.

Another Democrat changes sides.

If children can decide on their own sex operations, they can pick their own swimsuit color.

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