Close up photos should be banned.


Those wascally FBI jokers.


The Orbit Spider Editor:  Is this a nursery rhyme update, LL ?

Contented Cat:  It sure is, it’s about little Miss Muffet.  A tuffet is like a foot stool from the olden days.

Here is more about curds and whey than you will ever need.

This is a great Fable from Aesop.  The Federal Government is just like the owner of the goose.

Something is sour here.  El Chapo was convicted of 10 felonies, Trump is charged with over 30 felonies and misdemeanors.

The Democrats have taken America beyond the pale.

Say goodbye to Dianne.  She had a good life.  The Sphinx wishes her well.


Bragg is a POS.  It’s the usual Democrat procedure, delay, hide, and lie.


The only secure items in America are Obama’s school records, and the diary containing the visitors to Epstein’s Island.


Walmart removes a shirt referring to Nancy, Maxine, and the other Democrats.

The dems choose Chicago.


Trump at UFC match, and all you need to know about his indictment—if he has an honest judge.


Vote Democratic if you want more trouble getting a loan.


Corruption or hate America are part of the requirements for Joey’s nominations.


A movie and TV review.


People will abuse anything and everything they can—it’s a law.  Somewhere as I write this, experiments are being done to clone humans with other animals.

This is funny, maybe it will move to all Anheuser-Busch products.


The first announced Republican in California releases news of entering the race to replace Dianne.

This is standard operating procedure ( SOP ) for the dung beetles.

Everyone knew this was coming.  So is robbing customers at public charging stations.

Here is another danger at public charging facilities.

California has a pretty blue-color invader.

Will there be a war ?  What Americans would be stupid enough to defend the Democrat Agenda ?

Deliver the mail three ( 3 ) days a week.

It looks ratty–tuck it.

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