Technology is here.

Space news.


New York has its own laws.


The State Of The Art Editor:  Is technology advancing, LL ?

Start Me Up Cat:  I haven’t heard that phrase in months.  I thought it went the way of men and women bathrooms or if you live on the beach buoys and gulls.  Here is the current big-deal–ChatGPT.

Is ChatGPT intelligent, SMUC ?

Don’t call me SMUC or Shirley.  No it isn’t intelligent, it just searches for the best match from previous inputs.  It’s like when you search for something that you have looked up before.

The processes involve heuristic reasoning and fuzzy logic.

Lock her up.

Joey isn’t the right man.  He does have fuzzy Democratic Logic.

There are some unanswered questions here.

Let’s see if he has to post bail.


Where would all the people live that had eternal Earth life ?

This video almost pushes real news out of first place in my cat hierarchy.


Is there a new Dalai Lama ?


Amaze your peers with what you know about abortions.


South Florida floods Thursday morning.

California is a sad story, like all sanctuary-feces-filled places.

Now the cockroaches too poor to move will complain of not having food stores like other people.  FJB and the roaches.

Democrats in office are a terrible disappointment.

Democrats on entertainment shows are worse.

Wray and the FBI should be sent to GITMO.  Reduce their budget.

What a bunch of losers.

These robots will be stolen and sent to a chop-shop before you can say–another shopkeeper killed by a criminal released without bail.

This is why change is difficult in politics.  This creep has his fingers in too many pies to count.

Maybe the Pentagon could find the Supreme Court leaker, if they are telling the truth.

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