Time marches on.  Will Nan live through 2023, will Joe, will Dianne, will Trump, will Maxine, etc. ?  It is reported that Trump will tear up the charges in front of the Democrat Judge and registered Democrat jurors.


Can you match the beak to your least favorite politician.


The Reserve Editor:  Is this about saving a seat or place for future use, LL ?

The Currency Cat:  No, it’s about the U.S. Dollar being the world’s reserve currency.  Here is why it is important.

Here is some related information.

The states National Guards are short of authorized goals.  Billions for Ukraine, but not 700 million for the Guards.

The leaked story.


The Bob Lee Diary.


I imagine this is someone’s staff making news.  If you sneaked in a 17 year old girl Andrew would leave mucho-fast.*o37gev*_ga*NjkwMDE4MzAxLjE2NjQ4ODQ3MjY.*_ga_0DZ7LHF5PZ*MTY4MTI1MTU1Mi4xMTIyLjEuMTY4MTI1MTgyMC4wLjAuMA..&_ga=2.209557527.443833512.1664884726-690018301.1664884726


Everyone knows Joey is senile, but the media says he is a Democrat.


The Republicans seem to be avoiding the enemy MSM.


Kevin is trying.

Cohen treats confidentially like the Pentagon and Joe.

It might be true.

I remember when financial expenditures originated in the HOR.

What is going on with Colorado teachers ?

This is too expensive.

Augusta National helps another career.

If you live in a sanctuary state, and don’t want your children sexually neutered you can move or elect new politicians.  The schools and governments own your children—-WAKE UP.

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