It’s true.


Even Woke morons should understand this.  A millionaire will be just as White as a billionaire.


The Middle Ages Editor:  What’s going on with telescopes, LL ?

I Can See Clearly Cat:  Here is some telescope history.

Here is a refracting telescope.

The Hale Telescope.—a-specialized-haulage-job.html

The Hubble and James Watt Space Telescopes are the old and newest telescopes located in Earth orbit.

Here are some telescopes attached to rifles.

Here is a new free service that will notify you of new companies that join the WOKE CLUB.

Bill Maher makes a point.


Washington State owns your kids.

Bragg loses again, he’s a bully.


More leaker information.


Mayor Adams will solve the NYC rat-threat.  Every person that moves to another state has to take a suitcase of rats with them.

The Bee goes to court.

Will a D.C thief killed while carjacking a car with 3 children inside receive workman’s compensation death benefits ?  Let’s ask Mayor Bowser.


Adams could have UFO’s pick up the rats and Republicans.

Problems are everywhere.

What a deal.

Goldman Sachs is the bank for the D.C. Swampers.

There is nothing about electric vehicles (EV’s) that America is prepared for now or ten years from now.  NOTHING.

Obama whistleblower names Joey & family.

The French are still rioting.

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