Sheila doesn’t like the traitors.

Don’t laugh, the Earth is hollow.


Obama was just fundamentally transforming America—to a rat-hole, trans-everything, open border, loser nation.

A safe city won’t fulfill the Democrat goals, says Mayor Adams &  D.A. Bragg.


The Up To Date Editor:   What is interesting, LL ?

Things Are Crazy Cat:  People are crazy.

The European Union has no plans to label food with insects in them.  The Democrats will probably do the same, since they have news shows with no news.  Amigo will open a site that lists foods with the little boogers in them.

Not a surprise.

Romney wakes up.

Call The Donald’s office and get some tips.

Indiana bans sexual changes on minors.

All I have seen is an increasing bigger government since 2000.

Which creatures are more aware of what is happening, Joey or the giant rabbits ?

Hunter’s business buddies visited the White House a little more than Bill Clinton visited Jeffrey Epstein.

The thieves need to hit the road while we change the locks.

We send 100 billion dollars to Ukraine, and won’t pay for our National Cemetery to be expanded.  Let’s bury service members in Ukraine.


Remember, the rioters and thieves have run home improvement stores, food stores, drug stores, and fast food stores from their neighborhoods.  Now they complain.  Remember the politicians that scream the loudest are usually crooks.

DeSantis needs more security.  The Democrat/Progressives are dangerous.


It’s expensive, but rats are hard to catch.  It’s for the Starbucks crowd.

Big Sky country is doing a marvelous job.




Is Trump Jr. going to have his children neutered ?  Have a Miller.


Tom is working hard.

Maybe New York and the teacher’s union need to do background checks on the teachers.

A digital postcard from the Sunshine State.

Florida loses a race-baiting Democrat.  Go to CNN.

Squatters are smelly thieves.  Without a written lease, they should be locked up after 24 hours.

It’s sad.

War is as wasteful as National Politicians.

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