You read it here, almost first.  Save for your heirs.


Necessity is the trans-mother of invention.–order-falsification-of-business-records-unit


The Final Frontier Editor:  What is up with space, LL ?

The Scotty Cat:  Here is a bulletin that suggests there might be life out there.  That isn’t new or news.

The Oregon Left/Democrats are from outer space, probably the ” Eggs sunny side up galaxies “–photo 49.

This is close to being in space.  Believe it or not, you need less requirements than being a Senator or HOR member.

You don’t have to worry about being shot, raped, robbed, which pronoun to use, or a hundred other hazards in many workplaces. 

Gravity is holding the universe together, even as it expands.  It is much like love.

This is Annika’s mistake.

One person means nothing to these POS.  Organize victims of crimes and defeat them.


Joey is on top of the drug crisis.  We printed the first article a month ago.


Run for political office.  Winning the position will exempt both problems the writers have.

District Attorney is the most immune office, from laws, in sanctuary states.


California would be one of the best states in which to be a D.A.


This is my first mention of Katie Porter, an enemy of women.  What a disgusting POS.  California voters should vote her out.

Chicago is ready for 2024.

Several elected Republicans are Swampers or RINOs.

There is no excuse for getting an address wrong with three different agencies involved.  Sue those who approved the wrong address.  We don’t agree with Obama’s BS about exceptionalism.  What about competence ?  It must be the same judges who approved Trump’s FISA warrants.

Wake up.

This is hard to follow.*1j8i7z7*_ga*NjkwMDE4MzAxLjE2NjQ4ODQ3MjY.*_ga_0DZ7LHF5PZ*MTY4MTcyOTgxMy4xMTYxLjEuMTY4MTczMTE1Ni4wLjAuMA..&_ga=2.255899406.443833512.1664884726-690018301.1664884726

This creature’s photo should be on the Woke/Democratic Poster.  Having to use the Freedom of Information Act to get information is sad.

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