It takes a pint of hard liquor.


It’s simple, he is in training for the FGRS.


The Voting Editor:  Didn’t we discuss this last year, LL ?

Second Choice Cat:  We sure did, but our new readers might need to be informed.  This is how it works.

Here is one opinion.

The Sphinx only supports voting on paper ballots, and votes only being counted at the voting location.  You can count on paper, they can be thrown away, but not disappear in the ether.

Democratic Chicago has animals in charge and in the streets.  I hope the police call in sick for the Democratic Convention.


I hope any Republican who supports the Democrats loses his/her Soul, like Nancy Pigleosi.


It’s great to have Fetterman back at work.  DeSantis has a new video.


Disney is a malignant cancer on America and her children.


Nancy’s nephew would make a great President, even greater than Joey.


The danger is government forming partnerships with social and any media.

Budweiser is a foreign company ( Belgium ) trying to influence the sexual development of American children and culture.  They are as corrupt as Disney.

The only women’s movement is trans-people.  The National Organization of Women (NOW) should change their name to NOT NOW.


King Charles is worried about the climate.  He is going to sell the homes, castles, cottages, start flying commercial, fire the manservant that irons his shoe laces, give his money to charity, etc.

Some reasons New Yorker’s get what they vote for.  The only things not taxed are rats and crime.

American society has become a hateful, me first, don’t disagree with me place without a soul.  I give the Democrats the most credit, hate, hate, hate.  Generation Z and Alpha are in for some tough times.

Those rascals.  Just say screwing Americans, again.

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