Have Some Cake…

The more I look at this MEME….
the more I laugh.
The more I laugh….
the more I like cake!

-Sheila Tolley-

2 thoughts on “Have Some Cake…

  1. Good one! There was a Gorilla at the Fort Worth Zoo back in the 1950s that could throw a well shaped ball of his own dung. He was accurate and deadly in his aim, and threw it like Sandy Koufax. Many a visitor got it right between the eyes. So, your meme reminded me of how human an ape can be.

  2. This is just how much I like the Socialist scheme of things. I would love to be able to throw a ball of dung at all of the current Demorats currently trying to destroy our beautiful and wonderful country. I too like cake and pissing off those who would remove our constitutional rights. More power to the people who believe we are the best country and have the worst leaders in the world. They are even worse than Russian and Chinese leaders!!

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