Chicago and the entire Midwest are punished.  The weather is nice, but the dead bodies in the streets make walks difficult.


Maybe Joe is training to be the new Dalai Lama.


The Surprised Editor:  What might be important, LL ?

Clean Up In Chicago Aisle Cat:  I list cities like food stores when someone drops a jar of olives.  China is making more viruses for you.  Which race/ethnic group will be first?  Blue eyes could be a target, or even hair texture.

Help needed in the San Jose aisle–take security with you.

Help is needed in the Los Angeles aisle.  Asphalt-anator is seen repairing his street.  The utilities say it is a service trench that they wouldn’t cover with a steel sheet.  The city apparently couldn’t care less about busted tires/rims and suspensions on citizen’s cars.

Asphalt-anator promises to return and check on the city’s progress.

Help is needed in the American aisle, from the fruited plain, purple mountain majesties, to the oceans white with foam.  Bring a lot of 87 octane gas.  My prayer group praying for Joey’s natural death gets a thousand new converts a day.

Get on the train.

Alec Baldwin’s manslaughter charges are dropped.  What a surprise, he is in the rich judicial system.  He got O.J. Justice without the trial.  It’s Rich-White-Hollywood-Justice.

Drop the charges against the woman in charge of checking the guns.


Starship rocket explodes in mid-flight.


I might print this every 6 months.  Many of the scab governors have been reelected or their recall failed–Whitmer and Newsom are two.

Dems are retarded, it’s fuzzy-logic.

This is not new.

REI moves out of Portland–too much crime.


The New World Order scums.


It isn’t smelly like many hoarders.

Both are criminals, but will escape with a naughty reprimand.

Joe and Kamala release their tax records.  The Chinese yuan payments aren’t mentioned, or the 10 % cut the big guy gets on the American Budget.

This is probably a good practice for many people.

Let’s see how this develops, I can’t verify it.

Twitter news.

The Trans-people need their own league.

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