Who’s your daddy ?

I don’t trust teachers.


With Madonna out of sight, the flies will be buzzing the Brylcreem guy.


The Verb Editor:  What is your title about, LL ?

The Language Cat:  It is about existence verbs.

One thing you can text to your bank is when politicians use the Ivory Rule and start redefining words or parsing their meanings they are guilty, guilty, guilty.  This is the A # 1 actual video of a lying, amoral, loser.

Ole Bill, wouldn’t know the truth if he had to swear on it.  Bill and Hill are not aging well.

Are the thieves and killers turning on the rich and powerful?  Paul Pelosi’s assault might have been a sign.

The media would call the attacks mostly peaceful.

Criminals are experts at following the money.

Mountain Lions are returning.

Newsom needs to stay 2 weeks in Florida and get his Dapper Dan.

I hope Halyna Hutchins’ family get 50 million.  Justice wants some Benjamins.


Let Hillary lead the evacuation, she did so well in Libya.  Joey learned how to leave Americans behind in Kabul from Hillgal’s actions in Benghazi.

Again, the dems waited too long.


If you are old enough to be neutered by your teachers, parents, doctors, and hospitals you can for sure kill cats that are wild.  Maybe remove their ovaries and testicles.


Be careful some cats are possessed.  It is a recessive gene that occasionally appears.,f_auto,g_center,pg_1,q_60,w_1165/28ebc7755634dd993df898285b4f0cfb.jpg



Impeach the Woker-Democrat.


Funny, I have to play a previous link—adopt a liberal, maybe you can pay Oprah or Liawatha’s 8 dollar fee.


Was it worth 5 Billion dollars ?  FJB and Budweiser forever.  Anheuser-Busch is a global monopoly.

A real view of one of the kidnapped Americans who escaped the drug dealers.

It’s too late to let your wife drive–fore.

I want to see the results of drug tests on all violent criminals.

This will be hidden.

The next step is prevent suicides by mutilating children.  Biden approves of the mutilations.

Don’t re-elect Whitmer and other Democrats then bitch about China getting more of a foothold in your state.

An inhaler shortage ?

2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—IS—ARE

  1. I would like to sponsor a liberal but the video didn’t mention race or it’s for the children. I’m sending my 16 dollars to poor baby Navy Biden in Arkansas.

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