They are Democrats, who want to take away your rights ?


If you only talk politics, sex, and religion with your friends, you will live longer.  The on-line stuff is from retarded people.


The Ripley Editor:  What are some items that are hard to believe, LL ?

It’s True Cat:  Here is the world’s oldest sovereign state.

Here is an old reprint of two chapters of Matthew.  In days-gone-by, writing material was scarce. They erased writings and wrote new things.  It was much like the  Democrats desire to print the Communist Manifesto over the American Constitution.

This fish’s ancestors were here 50 million years before the dinosaurs.  It is probably older than Joey.

This couple is the most uninformed couple on Earth.  They checked NOTHING, before selling everything and moving.  If it was NYC they were leaving, they would still have their suitcases full of rats.

People paying these prices have too much money.  Get a hobby.

Reject the skank.

If you check at about 1:30 on the video, you can see that Alley has a movie star cave-woman.

Maher has an article that I will repeat.


More Chinese police stations are revealed.  Take a few FBI agents off Trump and put them on Chinese police stations in America.

A similar scam led to the bust in 2008.  Vote Democrat again.


Progress in Democrat-land.

The Yorkers must be wealthy.

I think there is more to this story.

Andy Warhol was referring to Skank Erica when he said every political toady will be famous for 15 minutes

What I should have said is that everyone can claim this quote for one article.


Ronna should already have the local people organized.

The politicians don’t care.  Remove them or shut up.   Organize the victims family and friends.

He needed help before his appointment.


Let’s check Durbin’s checking and off-shore bank records.

Bragg is a POS.

Nebraska passes permitless gun permit.

Maybe the authorities could have checked things when the place closed.

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