This is too good not to repeat.

Assume the position—-no, no, not that one.


My kind of town, says ghost of Al Capone and live Obama.


The Vaudeville Editor:  What is funny, LL ?

Johnny Carson Cat:  TV humor seems to have died without Carson and Leno.  Almost all the TV entertainers talk politics all the time.  Here is a funny Elon Musk incident.

Jemele Hill, who was kicked off ESPN for bigoted statements, speaks out.  Are Jemele and Don Lemmmon the same person ?

Tell the Page story, JCC.

I will shorten it for brevity.  Pages were the teenage sons and daughters of constituents who the HOR and Senate employed.  The HOR discontinued the honor after many Pages were found to be having sex with members of the HOR and Senate.

The Senate kept their Page internships.  You can see in the video as Senators who had sex with the teenage aids customarily clap.

The joke is that, Senators don’t use bookmarks, they bend the pages over.

Another common joke in The District is, don’t get caught with a dead girl or live boy.  This will probably change to toddler with the Democrats belief in diversity.

Howell Heflin has a good quote about Ted Kennedy in the next link.  If politicians would just tell the truth most would be respected more, and buy colored handkerchiefs.

Don’t write me about the flag, Lynyrd had theirs–you have your gay flag.  Every group larger than 100 has their own flag and anthem.


There are big changes at Fox & CNN.  Don has been lying to us for 17 years, we expect nothing less from the entire CNN cabal.

Continue the boycott, they will keep donating millions to the trans-dems-lefties.


Virginia  removes 19,000 dead Democrats from the voter-rolls.

RFK, JR. is running.


The Biden government is a sad joke.


This mentally disturbed trans-person had no access to anything  harmful to national security.  It could be dangerous to the trans-plans for America.  We know the FBI is corrupt.


Parents need to be at the school principal’s home marching.  Vote the school board out.


Let’s get started.


It’s like fishing, she is too small-mentally, throw her back.

Our offshore wind farms are easy pickens in a conflict or just practice.

The left-democrats haven’t been peaceful since Hill-gal lost.

Germany is as screwed up as America.

I had given up on everyone named Megan, Meghan, Megyn, and any others, but Megyn Kelly restored my faith.

Joey is a busy little Marxist.

The Democrats, still violent.

Joe is the man, until he isn’t.  Poor Kamala.


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