If he is that dumb, he could be President or one of Joey’s Supreme nominations.


Trans-people will start drafting recruits like the NFL.


The Beer Editor:  What’s the uproar over Bud Light, LL ?

The Light In The Loafers Cat ( an old sexual slur printed for educational purposes ):  Bud decided to have a male imposter represent women in an ad for women.

We need a trans-something as President, or put a dress on Joe.  The only thing Bud has worth mentioning are the horses.  The brand was sold to a Belgian Company in 2008.


Drink something brewed in America.  Provide Americans with jobs.

Beer seems to have been invented right after clothes.

Sam is an American hero.

Give free Bud Lights to the trans-people.

The Queen of beers.

Rodgers goes to the Jets, at 39 years old there isn’t much electricity left in the battery.

He has more juice left than Biden.  We hope Joey remains healthy, for today.  Something will happen to remove Joey from the race.


CBS works for the Democratic Party.


Where will this traitor wind up ?


Hunter probably has the Al Sharpton Bedroom.  Where is Al ?


The FBI won’t release the trans-shooter’s manifesto from Nashville because it is said to have similar destructive beliefs.

It is a sad, corrupt, smelly Democratic Party and media.  LOCK  THEM UP.


The WSJ is a Democratic media.

I’m tired of reporting Garland’s crimes.

Elon checkmates a whiny Democrat.  He learned chess from Queen Elizabeth 2.


Those wacky Canadians need more sunshine, just like Fetterman’s crop.

Justice wants to replace Manchin as a Senator from the The Mountain State.

The 51 and media should be called before the committee.

This has been happening for years.

Maybe the beer was Foster’s.

Vote Democratic.

The French people are mad.

Turn Disney World into a Bud warehouse.

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