Will Ta Ta have a new hit song ?


Don’t get antsy, you wait weeks for election results.


The Beaver Editor:  What’s up with beavers, LL ?

Not Me Cat:  You couldn’t pay me to be a beaver.  Can you imagine living in water much of the time.  Beavers are hard workers and engineers.

Here are more underwater stories.  People keep voting to be poor–WHAT’S UP WITH THAT.

Abbott should pardon the guy protecting himself.

A new Dis-Honors.

There is too much news.


You run Joey, we want more, inflation, underpaid jobs, millions of illegals, war, a perverted school system, and violent Democrat riots ( mostly peaceful ).


Benghazi, Kabul, Khartoum-Sudan—Biden and the Democrats are good at abandoning Americans overseas and at home.


Speak up against child grooming and mutilations/sexual operations on minors.  Have your parade at Disney World.


They spent maintenance money on drag-queen-shows.


You must price legal Marijuana below what the smugglers charge, then your citizens can pay taxes, get safe pot, and eat 25 dollar pizzas.  The political bribes will end.

Blame yourself for voting for the same scum over and over.  Blame both parties for the national debt and Biden/Democrats for the Ukraine war and soon to be Pacific problem.

Target locks up everything in San Franshoplifto.


People have money to burn.

This should start in grammar school.

The District Attorney won’t prosecute the criminals.


Keep it in your pants.  Call Bill Clinton to define ” is “.

Chicago, it never ends.

RIP—Harry Belafonte.

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