Is Niki going to remove her kids sex organs for Disney ?

Loyal reader R.W. sent this.


Randi and her teacher union were/are in a conspiracy with Joey and the CDC.


A three-peat.

Add the Alabama Governor.


Save the whales.


We know they won’t be prosecuted under a Democratic DOJ.


Two great epitaphs.  Bill Clinton–” Is Hillary Beside Me “.  Hillary–” What Happened “.


Biden’s 2.5 million illegals per year should help the sanctuary cities.


Maybe sex changes are also illegal in Arkansas, unless you are 17.

Let him work from the Bahamas.  At least it is not direct-tax money involved.

It’s a koozie.

You can’t get rid of these perverts in sanctuary states.  If you remember, last year Newsom approved lowering punishment for pedophiles.  He wants to be President.

Gun news.  Assault weapon is used so often and incorrectly it has lost meaning, like racism.

West Virginia needs to replace Manchin with a Republican.

Maybelline decides to go woke.


Is this Gavin Newsom behind the counter ?


The D.C. Mayor, Bowser, wanted to move the entire district to Toledo, but the streets weren’t wide enough to get the 30 foot high BLM graffiti on the driving lanes.

Ask the teacher: Questions about sex from students will be handled after class in the gym.


The Pessimist Editor:  Are you a gloomy cat, who spreads doom and a dark future, LL ?

The End Is Near Cat:  I’m a realist cat. Look around, go to any sanctuary city after dark.  These movies from the seventies and eighties are here now in sanctuary cities.  Read/watch the real news.

Give a present and you will feel better.

Have a Cool Blue.

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