What is the problem with military helicopters–no maintenance or poor training ?  Ground all copters until the reason is found.


The Democrats/Joe let China get a foot-hold in South America.


Good for Tuberville.  I don’t believe anything the Democrats say about National Security, race, sex, spending limit, it’s for the children, or border is fine.  Stop promoting trans-crap.


Biden polling over 25 percent says more about American voters than Joey.


The DNC will not have debates for their candidates.

DeSantis replies to Disney’s corporate welfare.


Another crisis is on the way.

This statement makes Nikki a non-candidate.

Three good news items.

San Fransicko society is dead, except for the officials.

I need a break from the people with mental issues.


I won’t be confused by Sam Brinton anymore.  Joey has great employees to carry out his instructions.

Jerome is wide awake.


Bye Dianne.


The Puzzled Editor:  What is confusing, LL ?

I Can’t Keep Up Cat:  Politics has become too confusing.  Check this out.

Texas is no better.

Don’t get me started on California.

Trump catches Nancy.  He was using Insider-Trading info as bait.  The trap was a modification of a trap for Hunter Biden.

This is funny.  School teachers should be made to pay for all restroom changes.  FJB and the Loudoun school system.

Maybe politicians need special helmets.

Trump vows to turn Nancy and AOC into their natural-pronouns-genders-creatures, before he goes to Club Fed.×713.jpg

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