What were you doing on 6/9/1969 ??

This post really makes me wish I had a Time Machine.  I hope you will leave me a comment recalling your best guess of your whereabouts and thoughts of the year 1969. 

In 1969, I was a Senior at Pike County High School. Go Pirates!
-Sheila Tolley-

9 thoughts on “What were you doing on 6/9/1969 ??

    • Smiles galore from Sheila @ Tolley’s Topics! I am glad that my first comment response was a positive one. Even with the Civil Rights and Vietnam War active, Getting OUT of a Drunk-Tank must have been a good feeling.

  1. I graduated high school in 69, and spent the summer surfing and hanging out in Port Aransas, drove an old army jeep named “Captain America.” Also deep sea fished with my dad almost everyday from June until I left for college in September. I remember all those songs very well.

    • You had a “COOL” life Phil…you also played in a band, right? What is your favorite song from that list?

      • Most anything by the Beatles, CCR, Three Dog Night and of course, the Beach Boys. I played in a rock band from 64 until May of 69 when we broke up the band. I’m working on a post about those years in Rock.

  2. I was working at a middle of the road radio station as an announcer and DJ. I remember all of those songs but I think my fave was # 28 by Blood Sweat and Tears.
    I had a big band show on Saturday night that played only songs from the late thirties and the forties. All big bands and jazz bands. It was probably the best show on the station as it drew ten times the fan mail that any of the other shows got. I loved it!!
    Considering that I am now 80 years young I still love that music.

    • Hello Fred…It appears that your favorite was one of the favorites of many who read Tolley’s Topics. I still LOVE the music with you, my friend. Let’s DANCE!

  3. # 21, I was about to be a Senior in High School in Chas. West Virginia. I was writing to my lover boy, whom I am now married to for 52 years. he was in the Navy.

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