The trans-community is losing support of the gays and lesbians because of the trans-culture including doctors, teachers, educators, hospitals, continued efforts to sexually abuse kids in school and expect everyone to agree with their manipulative mindset to convert children.

Make sure you read the questions under People also ask:

One more thing, everyone in the trans-everything movement make up less than one-third of one percent of Americans.  Your rights aren’t being violated–just shut up about children/minors.


I give up on Kevin McCarthy.  He supports child grooming and sexual abuse.


South Korea’s President sings American Pie–he wants his piece of pie.  He should sing Don Ho’s song.


Trains are crashing more often than military helicopters.

Who is in charge ?


Montana says no child can be a victim of a sexual experiment.


Joe news.

ABC is already censoring RFK, Jr.

One honest CIA agent.

Manchin is a Democrat, we knew that.

The sneaky Ruskies.

The BLM and assorted terrorist are still busy.  They have to stay fit for the 2024 election.


William & Mary College converts a Commie.

It beats giving it to the government.


Some places are safe and fun.

Walmart is just closing stores ( 4 in Chicago ).


The Historical Editor:  Do you still think America is a third world nation, LL ?

Answer Cat:  It is a fourth-world nation now.  Many Americans have no soul/spirit.  Some are uneducated/stupid.  Sanctuary state laws aren’t enforced.  One domino will collapse the large corrupt cities.

There is a general disrespect of rules/laws, it’s all about me, me, me.

Both political parties are corrupt.  They have sold out to China.  China even has police stations in large cities ( we reported on this years ago ).

The traitors must be confronted at work, on vacation, and at home–just like the Conservative Supreme Court Judges.

Here is a much requested dramatization of the once great S.S. America.

Half of American voters will get what they voted for.  Enjoy the cruise.

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