Let’s go Joey.


The ASPCA is just another political group.


Oregon residents deserve their fate.


Ron has approval to run and remain governor.


Illegals aren’t news anymore, ask Nancy, Schumer, or Joey.  The Hondurans killed are also probably illegal.


Disney wants to be their own country.

Here is an example of why local voting is important.

New York City is open all night long.  Would you like rat with those fries ?

No deposit-no return.

Montana wants healthy children.

Not much in America works, or has competent management.  The government is the number one failure.

Epstein’s customer book won’t ever be released, that’s why he was murdered in prison with 3 guards asleep and 2 cameras not working.  No informed person believes the story.   His Black Book might be still hidden with the videos.

The BIG ONE might be on the way.


Maybe Biden can use this idea to pay off the 32 TRILLION NATIONAL DEBT.


American taxpayers are the best.


The Real Estate Editor:  How is America’s real estate going, LL ?

The Bengal Cat:  It is great.  It hasn’t been this bad since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.  Joey is going to give every Black person 40 acres and a mule or a strip mall–big box store in Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Austin, St. Louis.  Atlanta is exempt because they let bugs eat a prisoner.  It isn’t pleasant, but the dems are too busy with gender stuff to protect prisoners.  GRAPHIC PHOTOS.

If elected, Trump is going to give the homeless a home–not on the streets or in public areas.  He might let them move into the empty mansions formerly owned by FBI, DOJ, and other federal employees who are in prison.

Until the basics can be worked out, try this.

These are for the people with White Privilege—( Big Bucks ).

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