This is a major case.  For years Congress has let agencies and the President make laws that they should clarify.  Biden’s power over immigration is like a King or Dictator.  Who approved the money for Joe to feed, clothe, medicate, house, and educate 5 million illegals ( so far ) ?


Take a guess on the results, remember Alec Baldwin’s case.


MTG has a funny interview with Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers.  Randi hasn’t taught school in about 26 years, isn’t a Medical Doctor, or raised her own ( born ) children.  She is a political-activist, like Al Sharpton.  Her wife is worse.

Joe is old. He could die naturally before November 2024.


Hollywood’s new security ambassadors stand by and watch an assault.


Here is a young hero.


If you don’t want to renege on the debt, take some money from all agencies.  Here is a novel Idea–BALANCE THE F’ING BUDGET.

This guy should be on the Democratic National Committee ( DNC ).

Snowden and Assange released this and more 5-10 years ago.

This means nothing.

It is just rumors.

AOC gets a terrible review.

With 12 fingers and disfigured scenes, maybe Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) has been doing the Kardashian’s photos.


RIP Gordon Lightfoot.


This is great news.

JFK advises Dianne.


Use Bud Light for target practice, but don’t buy anymore.  Bud is a gateway beer to liquor or toadstools.


The Second Amendment Editor:  What is new with guns, LL?

The Sensitive Cat:  I can’t stand the noise.  I use ear protection ( hide under the bed ), these might work for people.  They can be used with power tools, around children, or even with drunk/stoned relatives.

I wonder if this recognition system works ?  We don’t recommend products, but if there are small children or Democrats in the house it might save lives.

I wonder if this is worth the money ?

Always check with local authorities concerning concealed carry laws.

Another incompetent official is exposed in Joey’s administration.  The commies have started to define gun issues as ” like an AR-15 “.  I’m a cat, and  to me a gun–assault weapon, fires automatically if you hold the trigger down.

Get Pigleosi to come wash their feet, or send them to NYC.

These figures are probably as accurate as you can find.

Michiganders love the creep Gretchen.


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