This is the next group who has a trans-issue.  They are healthy, but want to be disabled.  Read the article, the manipulation never stops.  One woman tried to blind herself.  These people have mental issues, the medical profession needs to help instead of cutting off healthy body parts.

I hope Bud loses these drinkers forever.


Here are more signs of a crumbling society & culture.

The soldiers will babysit and change diapers for the illegals instead of standing at the border and refusing entry.

Our Secretary of State is a corrupt, lying, POS.


Thanks to R.W. and Paige for bringing civility and real beer back to Americans.

You don’t need any Disney products or Bud Light.

Maybe they should play following Paige.

He does no more than our elected skanks.

Go figure.

Jill checked with Gisele Fetterman and decided to run.  It will take a year to get Joe removed when he becomes unable to fall up any more stairs.

Adios Ben.

RIP  Tim  Bachman.


The Republican Party should emphasize this.

He needs two wives to go to Salt Lake City.


Trump needs to stop the personal stuff.  Just say what he wants to do—again.

California is the worst, they ride bicycles naked.


The Tired Of Trans-Anything Cat:  Will the trans-woke-crap ever end, LL ?

I’m A Tiger:  It will when people with values that contribute to the continuing of the human species take back the schools and media.  Here are some interesting items.  A rumor is circulating on the internet that the Lesbians and Gays are tired of the Trans-Woke-group bringing bad press to their cause ( sexualizing children ).  These women are fighting back.

The Anheuser-Busch management seems to be as out of touch with their company as America’s Government is with freedom.  Nobody told them.

More items.

Women are becoming obsolete.  The clothes manufactures think so.  Do they have children’s sizes ?

California loves their Democrats.

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