Apparently the same extra-terrestrials that create crop circles had a surprise for one of the locations for King Charles’ coronation.

She is unqualified.


March on the school board member’s homes every day, or elect new members.

Like the dems love to say, ” it’s for the children “.


San Fran has more store closings, because of crime and filth in the streets.  You dems have it going.


Where do the dems find so many functionally illiterate people ?


Glam Rockers unite to save the human race.


I have lost all respect for medical doctors,  go mutilate some children in the colored section.


All government employees not qualified in The Constitution should be honorably discharged by the armed forces.


Oklahoma is OK.  Speaker McCarthy should not allow any schools receiving taxpayer money close down conservative views, stop the funding.

 Anheuser-Busch is a monopoly, but governments let them continue to buy up smaller breweries and related products.

This is funny, two disgraced liars.

Las Vegas needs a steam-cleaning.

More Blinken problems.

Tell the trans-people to follow the rules or get out of here.  Tell everyone, especially politicians.

Randi is a toadie.  I have about exhausted my comments on her.

Kelly has more Fox news.

I have almost reached my ignore the trans-people maximum limit.  Here was the last serious load of trans-BS arriving in Sphinxland.


A little forethought goes a long way.  You can have nice neighbors, with a little effort.


Don’t let this happen to you.

California rocks.  Gavin wants to be President.


The Ceremonial Editor:  Do we have a treat today, LL ?

Champion Cat:  We do have a treat, especially for our loyal University of Georgia ( UGA ) readers.  We have a secret video of the passing of The Collar from Uga X to Uga XI.  Don’t confuse 11 with XI Jinping.  Uga X was at the dog controls when Georgia won the most national titles–2.

UGA X  was a great mascot.  America could do worse than have a dog collar on her mascot,  Joey Biden.  One of his trainers could punch 99 when he wanders from the script.

Uga V had the most memorable mascot moment, trying to bite an Auburn football player.

Forget the Bud Horses, watch the Volkswagen equines.

The first photo makes the ferry seem small.

Does the lead singer look like Governor Hochul in New York ?

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