God Help Our Children…

When our children are not protected,
America has no future.
-Sheila Tolley-

Like it or not, our children are being used as scientific experiments. No different from the little Beagle Puppies that Fauci wired down in cages and allowed sand fleas and bugs to eat them alive.
(God is gonna get you for that, Fauci!)

Our children are currently being mutilated in two horrible ways. 1) Mentally, with puberty blockers and hormones, followed by a lifetime of mind-altering drugs, owned by Big Pharma. 2) Physically, from having  parts cut from their bodies and will still be on mind-altering drugs, owned by Big Pharma, for the rest of their lives.

After either of these procedures, the children then belong to Big-Pharma/The Government.

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”
Adolf Hitler-

6 thoughts on “God Help Our Children…

  1. I am afraid that we are not going to get any help from anyone at all. This country has been brainwashed for far too long. I only see one way out and that is revolution and wars in the streets of this once great nation. However that will not happen as there are not enough of the good people left, most have now died off and the remaining are too weak to fight.


      • I love you as well. You make my day with your website. There are not many people that would post the truth on a daily basis. Shiela you are the best person I have ever known. Much love to you. Fred

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  2. Big Pharma & Pfizer made so much money on the Covid Scam, that their appetite really grew, they had to work fast to look for something else that would give them rivers of money flow and that is just what you are talking about Sheila. Once someone commits to going down that road they then are stuck with having to take a lot of meds for the rest of their lousy lives. If the Gov. has not got a program already to support the maintaining sex change habit, they will be sure to create one real soon, and we will be paying for it.

  3. Im locked and loaded Fred and i know. Quite a few others find us a leader I’m old so put me on the front line and I will help clear the way I’m sick of this mess I really think God expects us to fight this evil

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