A bonus item.

Everyone who remembers the Trump false information, knows Clapper and Brennan should be in GITMO.


You don’t need to understand baseball to compare it to Joe and the DemocRATS.


Keep boycotting, take America back.


Joe gives money to transgender women in Nepal.


Feinstein tells everyone to go urinate up a rope.

MTG won’t be silenced, just like Pigleosi when she had her fleeting power.  Where is pigwoman ?

Smirnoff has been woke for a while.

Dis-Honors for the week.

Joey is giving a squeeze bottle of Democratic Bullsheet to every new illegal.

Coronation News.

Get the wokers out of positions of decision making.

Texas killer.


The peripheral people are probably on drugs.

This is another government approved/created disaster.


She could work for the Department of Illegal Immigrants.  After a while a slow leak makes a tire just as flat as a railroad spike.  I think the railroads now use duct tape.


The AAA Editor:  Do you have a rating system, LL ?

A # 1 Cat:  I sure do.  I’m an Independent voter.  The people who support The Constitution are the one’s I support.  Democrats who support The Constitution are hard to find.  My system is mostly related to politics, and how much the politicians support The Constitution.

5 is a Commie rating. The “c” being capitalized is a subtle change, but means the person is more of an American hater.

4 hates American values a little more and can become violent, or as the media reports ” mostly peaceful “.  They are toads-toadie, or just frogs.

3 is a person who hides behind any media job, but continually lies, distorts, changes, obfuscates, for their political party.  They are lying–we know they are–their network employers know that we know.  These are ” creeps “.

2 are the uneducated, brainwashed, retarded, lack of self-worth people who would/have burned down churches and any other place that they can stick a Zippo to.  These are ” Skanks “.  They are paid by Soros and many PACs.  BLM/Antifa and their supporters fill this category.

1 applies to people who will let you be killed by their policies, and the killers go free.  They can be rich, unheard of, and many are politicians.  Remember Zuckerberg ( Meta-Facebook ) and Dorsey ( the old Twitter ) giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Democrat groups ?  The category for these most dangerous people/groups is Piece Of Sheet ( POS ).

Here is a similar rating system.

Susan fits nicely in both systems–a 1 and The View.  She will pop up somewhere in politics.

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