The new college football playoff plan for 12 teams in 2024.

Cam Newton blames his hair style on not still being a major league football player.  I remember when he was kicked off of the Florida team for numerous character flaws.  His nickname was Scam Newton, he is 29 on the scandal list.

I haven’t liked Cam since he didn’t dive on this ball in the Super Bowl.

An equestrian dies in Australia.


I hope patriots rescue the armed forces from the trans-woke-dems.  I will believe the Blacks not happy article when 50 percent vote Republican.

The Environment

Don’t dump anything, anywhere, anytime.  Politicians should be removed for not enforcing health and sanitation laws.

Biden Lies.

I can’t stand the entire family.  My prayer group is up to 15341 patriots praying for Joe to have a quick natural death.

Check out First Son’s plans.  The comments are A # 1.

‘Jaws’  actor says that artists need a bigger vote.

Trans-everything.  Man is too obese for penis to be seen.  The judge is kicking the can down the road like New York officials and Jordan Neely.

Joe’s answer about his second 4 years.  A dramatization.


Cardona is another rat from Joey to you & your children.

Pay-up or bad things will happen.


Our new feature, history or something.  Ft. Worth is today’s topic.

It is refreshing, not one mention of trans-people.


The Rodentia Rattus Editor:  Are you tired of rats, LL ?

The Rat Whisperer:  That’s what I do, I could never get tired of regular rats.  Could Joey stop lying, could Hunter stop using Cocaine, could Pigleosi stop using insider-information ?  They couldn’t.  Here is some information.

I like the genus name Rattus rattus, it sounds like a Rock & Roll band–Duran Duran.

Rats become problems when people become trashier and overpopulated in cities.  This is what can happen.

The rodents have been eating babies in New York City and other cesspools of human scum forever.  This is what some people do for fun in the wormy apple.

Rats and mice are different.  White mice were/are used in many medical laboratories.  Once a forgotten person said that some disease was so deadly that we needed tougher white mice.  That’s how politicians solve problems.

Once a study showed the poor conditions in Georgia prisons, the Governor said we need a better class of prisoners.

The new Mayor of New York City is going to solve the rat problem.  He thinks it is more important than people getting killed in the streets like any OTHER third world dump.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ( PETA ) want to play nice with the rodents.  The other side says people eat tasty animals.

The PETA spokesperson is correct–cut off what the rats live on, food.  Do the same thing with the DemocRATS, cut off their taxpayer money–A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT FOR A BALANCED BUDGET.

You must be fast to associate with rats.

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