This is your government experimenting on helpless children.  It is much like the Tuskegee syphilis experiments on Blacks in the 1940s.

Do you wonder why some people don’t want government shots.


Who runs America.

Kemp, the Georgia Governor, is helping to fire woke District Attorneys and Prosecutors.  They should be tried and imprisoned.

Criminals & thieving politicians run the sanctuary cities.

Child groomers-those who prepare 6 year old kids for sex.

California has the most lenient pedophile laws.  It’s what the voters want, otherwise they would vote the politicians out.

In every budget, I hope Congress forbids any Federal Tax money paid for any form of reparations.

Sports.  Are the horse racing agencies doing their job ?

Don’t expect help from the ASPCA.  Only 7 percent of their millions help animals.

Those guys !

The National Champs, University of Georgia, decline a visit to the White House.  Woof, woof.

Media.  Did “The View” demand that entertainer Geraldo get a sex change to continue his performance.

Joey/Democratic Stuff.

Is there anything that Biden doesn’t control ?

News of illegal immigrants.

My last Big Member Lori bulletin–she declares an emergency on influx of illegals, 5 days before leaving office.


The kids were found just before the school teachers brought over the puberty-blockers.

The Martian Chronicles.


The first-full-time-female President.


The Orbit Editor:  What’s up with space war, LL ?

Fly Me To The Moon Cat:  The Chinese are planning to destroy our satellites.  It’s true.  Every time you use a credit card the data goes to a satellite then to an Earth location.  Most of America’s war data during battle goes through satellites.

It’s easy to disable satellites.

Our Asian brothers have already shot down a satellite, to make a point.

All the Ruskies or China have to do is shoot millions of BBs into space.  One rocket could do it.

See Don Leemmone Twerk.

Adios, Don.

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