Vote Democratic again.


Maybe this will help with understanding the Federal Debt Limit.


Budweiser’s other beers are losing market share.

Rashida is losing market share.  Where is Fancy Nancy ? Howard Stern is being quoted in the media now.  He is a sleazy-slimy replacement for Nangal.

T-Mobile is closing their San Franstinko store.


If lying is a violation, here are a few Big Time lairs:  Pigleosi, Schiff, Nadler, Waters, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley, in short everyone–Joe hasn’t told the truth since the last century.


Republican Politics.

We like Tucker.

Moving On physically and mentally from liberal BS.

Society-Anger Management.  The teen needs some court time.

Art.  A mermaid statue of AOC.

This is why some people can’t be helped.  They cause their own problems.

Anything in your home will snitch on you.  You have no privacy.

Tara is still fighting Joey.

Is this an article or book ?

Google needs to be broken up into about 5 companies.  Newsweek will make a buzzard vomit.


The beer wars are back.

He could run the Department Of Send Jobs To China.


Under the dems any movement is progress.

Science crashes into a concrete wall.


The Run The Clock Editor:  Are sports still honest, LL ?

Here Is Ten On Dallas Cat:  Not really, men can’t play physical games against women and call it honest, fair, or equal.  I agree with Megyn Kelly.

Here are some new rules for college football.

California is losing the Oakland Baseball Team.

Who needs a football salary.

Electricity news.

This is an old story that sounds like the Biden Foreign or Domestic policy.

They could use Paul and Paula for names of the dummies, or maybe Joe & Kamala.

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