Trump has a TKO on CNN.

Joey is a whiner.


Another major store leaves San  Franempty-o.


Various problems and news.

Good news from Florida, Oklahoma, and Phoenix.

This stupid bitc* needs to leave children alone.  That is the problem, that and violence that the left can’t function without.

This is a neighbor problem.  I’m surprised Hunter wasn’t mentioned as a guest.

Do you have $48,000.00 and hijack protection?

Democrat crimes against humanity.

Chinese news.

China reports unverified medical news.  Joe Biden might be an experimental monkey.

More DeSantis news.


This woman is too sensitive.


Mud Dauber has new press rules.

The PGA Championship.

Kevin is a fool if any changes to his bill are not in writing from ole Lying Joe.


He should thank goodness that he isn’t a teacher or a gender-fluid-minority pronoun-courthouse burning BLM/Antifa dues paying commie.


The View is a godsend for America’s retarded viewers.


The Sweet Editor:  Is sugar still the gold standard, LL ?

NutraSweetM Cat:  Who knows, I guess moderation is the key here.  Sugar or sweet things have been around since day one.

This is a wonderful history of sweets.

Here is information on NutraSweetM.

People will do what they like, but remember there is nothing beneficial about sodas or colas.  Drink water.

Is diabetes caused by sugar ?  Here is information on diabetes.

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