There have been more illegals coming across the Southern border under Joey than the population of Boston Massachusetts and surrounding counties—Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA-NH 4,854,808.

DeSantis news.

Trump news.

Illegals need rooms.


International news.

Impeach and/or indict Joey, Hunter, James, Jill, and the 6 grandchildren that Joe recognizes.

The next 6 million illegals will be transitory, like Yellen’s inflation.

If McCarthy won’t impeach this POS, he won’t impeach anyone.

Facebook is still blocking anyone who disagrees with their Democratic Party ideas.


These minors are some of the 85,000 missing children that Biden’s creeps lost.  Vote for Schumer and Joe, Nangal is on her last insider-trading deal.

Stop by Bob’s House and say hi.

The Canadian Prodigal Son returns.

You never know.

I’m tired of the airplane passengers not being civil and I’m a cat.  Give everyone a can of pepper-spray as they enter the plane.  Take another flight if you can’t get adjoining seats.

America is a crumbling society.  Thanks, Nancy-Schumer-Schiff-Nadler-Joe, and you Democratic hate-spreaders.

Be careful at nail salons.

UGA has a lawsuit.

What was it, what did he say ?


M&Ms will help prevent motherhood.


America needs to be able to fire Joey.


The Special Day Editor:  What is Mother’s Day, LL ?

Mama Cat:  That’s when we recognize the importance of mothers, females who have given birth, adopted mothers, and stepmothers.  No transes allowed.  Here is a little history.

A visit, gift, card, or call will mean more than you know.

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