Here is another bulletin, the Radical Left, Media, and Democrats plan on destroying every law and aspect of American culture–from pedophilia being normalized to our crappy-corrupt government.  Only a major catastrophe will prevent it.  Musk responds to filthy Joey.


Smelly Democrats.

The entire Bragg office is nasty and smelly.

FJB and Disney.



Peloton recalls exercise bikes.  Several employees said Peloton tried to hide the defects.


Check those attics and old trunks.

Who believes anyone ?

The Drag Queens are taking time off from the preschoolers to have their convention.

The Church needs a mucho-big miracle.

Is the recession already here ?  Joey wouldn’t know, he is fighting white-supremacy-him and Hunter.

Is there anything Joey can’t change ?

We know they are traitors.


Elon is a worthy freedom representative.

Bushy, skinny, or just paint ?

The Haitians still curse Clinton after he screwed them out of earthquake aid.


The Washington Post, Fascism, any American living in 2030.  The answer Alec, is what things die in darkness ?


The Weary Editor:  If this is about anymore mentally disturbed trans-woke-anybody, I don’t want to hear about them anymore.

The Organization Cat:  I’m tired of the screwed up cases myself.  This is about how organizations work.  It’s the Peter Principal.  People are promoted to their highest level of incompetence.  This is one description.

This person has risen in her position and level of incompetence that few people attain.  She sounds like a paranoid-schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur.

When she does ” go postal ” as we used to say, everyone will say that she waved good morning or had a dog.   She should be promoted to District Attorney in Bragg’s office.

Here are two examples of the PP.  It reinforces my belief that once in politics you can’t leave—like the Hotel California.

Another example of the PP.  The Captain was incompetent.  He wanted to set a speed record to New York, and ignored warnings of icebergs.  Biden sounds like him.

This is the same old feces, it’s for new readers.

For all California politicians.

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