It has begun, and gets worse.  Will ambulances respond to calls ?

Go figure.


This is what the Democrats, media, LGBTQAI +, and pedophiles want.  They want to lock you up for disagreeing with their smelly ideas.


Something fishy is going on with this transgender manifesto ( writing ).  Just redact the maps of the building.  At first the FBI wouldn’t release the writing.


Good for MTG.  I am working on the Texas Death Wrestling Match with AOC.


HOR Republicans subpoena Joe’s phone paid for by Hunter’s business.


A new HOR POS is exposed.  Julio Rosas exposed the commie.

They never shut up.

This guy’s superiors should be court-martialed.

Google-Youtube a subsidy of ALPHABET needs to be broken-up.


Musk is a patriot.

The media are fast–too fast.  You get lies, frauds, and publicity seekers.

The car makers want a monthly subscription fee for the radios.

This is funny.

Kennedy catches incompetent nominees like crayfish in Louisiana.

Wray and his FBI criminals are still withholding evidence.

Maybe Wray is an alien.

Is Budweiser’s advertising for minors ?

Target gets a repeat for their homosexual grooming children’s clothes.


Joey is cruel.


Joe is everywhere.


The Current Affairs Editor:  Is this about the woman looking for a Sugar-Daddy, LL ?

Reporter Cat:  She is part of the Billionaire Jet Set.  Here are some items that all seem to be linked in our current dysfunctional society.

I bet a shoe made in America would have shut the interview down.

RFK, Jr. doesn’t agree with the Democrat Party.

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