Wyoming and California lose 60,000 pounds of explosive.  Maybe someone is planning another national tragedy.

The Democrats will break every law, custom, agreement, and policy to be your master.

If over 30 percent of Americans support Joe, they deserve what is here/coming.


Gates wanted to vaccinate the Ruskie.


The dems have no shame or morals.


Oh, my.  Trans-people and drag queens are a cult.

What would his Honor suggest ?  He has 10,000 of Biden’s 5.5 million illegals.


We know that Obama, Clintons, DNC, media, and FBI sabotaged Trump’s Presidency.

The State Department bypasses lesbians and gays, to support transgenders.  Children are the ultimate target.

Portland finds a cause they can’t support, no it isn’t arson.

Poor Michelle, get a waiver from Joey.

These people are insane–stop them–they are talking about children.

JetBlue is ready.  If not, the end will be quick.

Hunter cries poverty as he flies in on a private plane.

One day, maybe.

Pay attention, thimk.

The Democratic Senate majority makes the rules.  Speaking of smelly politicians, Hill-gal has an opinion on Joey.


Men.  You can say you are a woman, and meet hot chicks in the big-house.


Women.  You can identify as a male and be stupid.


The Question Editor:  Why do you report so much gloomy news, LL ?

The Gloomy Cat:  I just try to report news that many readers don’t have time to research, and find the truthful articles.  The MSM has been lying continuously  for 8 years.  The Democrats and Republicans are both corrupt, but the R’s are more patriotic and family oriented.

Don’t let these creeps near school students.

Changing the subject–I agree with Megyn Kelly on her woke-trans-mutilate children message.

Here is an article that escaped my reporters.  It appears to have occurred in September of 2022.  Thanks again to RW.—snooki-and-rupaul—with-exclusive-box-features-301624634.html

There is no question here, New York’s dogs are taking a walk and getting stoned.

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