RIP Tina Turner.*k5zt0y*_ga*NjkwMDE4MzAxLjE2NjQ4ODQ3MjY.*_ga_0DZ7LHF5PZ*MTY4NDk1NDI5OS4xNDM2LjAuMTY4NDk1NDI5OS4wLjAuMA..


I hope all of these Progressive, Democrats, and Radicals have a quick natural death.  The people who vote for them also need some life lessons.


I hope Karma visits all the sleazy media dung beetles.  Trump needs to shut up about DeSantis.

A smart kid.


Putin bans Obama and others for lying about the Trump-Russian-Collusion fiasco.


Bezos shows off his new yacht and support ship.

Tommy is doing his job.


Britney tries to knock Harry and Meghan off of the front page.

Chris and MSNBC support experiments on children.

What’s not to like about the media.  Durham exposed them, again.

Take the schools and District Attorney’s Office back.  D.A.’s run the criminal prosecution system.

Miley has had her youthful moments of fame–so long.  Gen Z will take her place–free the nipple.

Cardona is another weak minded person trying to push his ideas on children.  He is a dem toadie.  Teachers know trans-sheet.

The politicians won’t follow the Constitution, they are somehow gifted to know what is best for you.

Maybe the mermaid knows.

Be tough Kevin.


Every Banana Republic needs these caliber or thieves.


Be careful not to get CNN or MSNBC.  Where do all the bigots go to work when CNN fires them ?


The Food Editor:  Is your title about food, LL ?

The Catchy Phrase Cat:  No.  My first recollection of Yum-Yum is an old movie.

In a recent HOR investigation, a member called Swalwell’s Communist spy bed-mate Yum Yum instead of Fang Fang.

A female reporter called another female reporter a F-C.

Once the forbidden words get repeated enough they will lose their effectiveness.  It happened to every buzz-word the Democrats use, like racism and now assault weapon. 

This is some accurate cause of death information in children.

If you don’t raise your child, Democrats will.

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