A bonus on crashing things.

Target lost 9 Billion of market-value in 1 week.  Put that in your tuck girls swimsuits.


This should be worth 75 million votes.  A great start.


Use your power of the purse.  Budweiser’s boycott has already cost the company 15.7 BILLION DOLLARS.  It will work on Disney, Target, and other child-grooming companies.


BLM is a criminal enterprise, the only people it helps are the officers.  The last I read one officer had 4 homes in California.  Make Mayor Bowser scrub the BLM graffiti off of D.C. streets with a Brillo Pad.


Don’t be a fool.  If you have any gun that does not have a manual safety switch on it, do not keep a round in the chamber.

Protect yourself,  like the mayors and governors–their guards are paid for by you.


FJB and Disney.

Fox news.  Fox is not a conservative news source anymore.


San Frandrug-o Mayor can’t finish outdoor speech because of violence.


The Radical Democrats have mental issues.  They can’t live their lives without trying to convert children.  It’s their way or the machete.

The forceful actions of the left/dems are everywhere.

Fetterman still sux, but the Keystone State voters like him.

Cruz answers  ” Big Booty AOC’s ” question.

White people and the military are 2 of the Democrat’s villains.  The military has equipment now that can’t be used because they can’t get White people to enlist.  There is even a pilot shortage.


She escaped the Death Planet.  Can you spot Joe Biden without makeup, in the video ?


Time will expose the fakes.


The Bovine Editor:  Isn’t Got Milk an old milk ad campaign from the 1980s, LL ?

The Milk Mustache Cat:  It sure is.  We revised an old policy, much like the immigration policy of 1492 has been reestablished.

This is a satire of the green-everything-movement.

Amigo has agreed to help our craft-beer company sell more.  Got Beer.

He might get Olivia and Paige to help sell our beer.  A few suds on their upper lips and we will be good to go.

Bud is dying on the stem.

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