Our God Given Rights




The Commander in Thief wants to include everyone. Well, at least the LGBTQ and People of Color, anyway. Pete Buttigieg, former Mayor of South Bend Indiana, was appointed by the Commander in Thief to become his Transportation Secretary. Gay Pete, with his husband by his side, glowed happily after the announcement. Reports show that when Pete was Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, the roads in South Bend were among the most poorly maintained in the nation. But, apparently, he was the most qualified for the Transportation Secretary job.

Biden promised to move swiftly to repeal President Donald Trump’s ban on transgenders serving in the military. The Commander in Thief, has vowed to make LGBTQ a “priority” in his administration, and we see he is getting off to a good start.

He won’t be alone. VP Harris has already tapped LGBTQ appointees for several roles. The Commander in Thief has stated, “when there is an opening and opportunity to nominate the first LGBTQ Justice to the Supreme Court, this is what he would like to do.” Aren’t we so proud of the progress we are making? What does this say to those who happen to be white, straight, Republican? It says to me that you are at the bottom of the list. They are looking for LGBTQ, illegal aliens, and people of color, to fill jobs. Your chances will be extremely slim to fill a job, even if highly qualified, if you are white, straight, Christian, Republican, or a MAGA Trump supporter. These are the type of persons that are now being discriminated against. This makes YOU unqualified and the jobs will most definitely be filled by someone that is not the most qualified.

Look what Joe Biden told the world to start with, that he was looking to select a “Woman of Color to be his running mate.” That he did, and she was one of the former Presidential running mates who dropped out of the race “First”, She did not have enough money to continue campaigning. No one was sending in campaign donations to her. Was she the most qualified, I ask? He did not say I will vet and look for the best qualified person to be my running mate. Remember, Joe Biden told us to start with that he plans to be a 1 term President, hummm. I will leave the rest to your own imagination. You think about it and what the future will look like.

Isn’t she a pretty THING? He/She? Rachel Levine, is the newly appointed Assistant, Health Secretary by the Commander in Thief.

God Help Us!

Dr. Rachel L. Levine standing in front of a window: Biden on Tuesday tapped Dr. Rachel Levine, seen here in 2015, for a key health role in a historic pick of a transgender person. REUTERS/Daniel Shanken




Two of three New Mexico HOR members, both Senators and the Governor are dems.  


Newsom, Pigleosi’s Californication nephew, has lost 9 BILLION so far.  Audit his friend’s checking accounts.

This is funny, Portland and Seattle supported the riots for 9 months, then voted the dems back into office.  You guys own it, and voted for it.

RIP Larry King.


Chuck and Nancy have sex on their minds.

This is an old article,  MST says $5.00 a gallon gas is right around the corner.  The dems voted for it.


The Asian Editor:  What is going on in Asia, LL ?

Buddhist Cat:  One of our loyal readers found a fortune washed ashore, and it wasn’t drugs.  It was ambergris.  With that much money he can visit some local sites.

The smugglers need more training in making drug shipments.

Governments never learn about invasive species.  These will multiply, like Democrats, until they start mashing Coca ( Cocaine ) plants.

I guess peace is what the media says it is.

Commie Katie has always been a media creation.  She isn’t perky anymore.  She looks horrible, like a Democratic Skank.

The USA government is protecting Google & Facebook in Australia.

Speaking of the Aussies, one of their bands is singing about where Nancy, Chuckie, and the media are leading America.

ON MY SOAPBOX….Pockets full of posies



Ring around the rosie,
Pockets full of posies;
Atischoo, atischoo, (or, Ashes, ashes)
We all fall down.

Two of the more well-known plagues that devastated the European area in the Middle Ages were the Black Death and the great London Plague. Rhymes and songs were a way for the common people to tell stories to each other, and a way of carrying those stories over to succeeding generations.

One of the more common interpretations of this rhyme is as follows:

Ring around the rosie,
[refers to the rosie-red round rash marks on the skin —one of the first signs that a person had the plague]
A pocket full of posies;
[one of the superstitious ways used by people in the Middle Ages to try and fend off the plague was to stuff their pockets with posies (flowers)]
Atischoo, atischoo,
[sneezing was also an early sign of the plague if it was a pneumonic plague; however, not all types of plague involved sneezing]
or, Ashes, ashes
[the dead were often cremated]
We all fall down.
[most of the people infected with the plague died]

If I were to rewrite this little ditty to reflect modern times, I would write it like this:

Trump is still the leading man,
We need another plan;
Covid, Covid,
Spread it all around.

My interpretation of this rhyme is as follows:

Trump is still the leading man,
[Democrats tried every game, trick, lie, etc. possible to bring POTUS Donald Trump down. They wanted him ousted, no matter what it took. Everything failed because true Americans loved, AND STILL LOVE, Donald Trump. He absolutely Made America Great Again. Even the sorry, lying Democrats know that is true]
We need another plan;
[After every Democrat scheme, legal or illegal, failed. Their Devoted Associate and Primary Business Partner, CHINA, came to their rescue. They sent The Chinese Wuhan Virus]
Covid, Covid,
[POTUS Trump called it exactly what it was, The Chinese Virus. Democrats and MSM starting having a meltdown. It eventually became known as Covid…because that is what The Speech Gods preferred that it be called]
Spread it all around.
[In order to spread The Chinese Virus as quickly as possible, Nancy Pelosi, the Big Mouth of the house proudly proclaimed, “Let’s all go to Chinatown and party.” Joe Biden (future PINO) announced that POTUS Trump was over-reacting when he stopped foreign air travel into America.]

I would add a second verse to my little modern ditty:

They stole the election,
Now they’re screaming Insurrection;
Patriots, Patriots,
Will be taking back their ground.


Feehery: The left's patriotism problem | TheHill