News Cat:  Here is a link to Ole Rosie, and a photo.

Where are the National Organization of Women, ACLU, and Feminist ?  They aren’t to be found because female genital mutilation doesn’t mix with their immigration policy.   Hillary, Maxine, Pocahontas, Pelosi, Rosie, Madow ?????

The criminal-creap is headed to the Mexican Vacation Destinations.

Speaking of thieves, these guys need to play ball or maybe their oil-depletion-allowance could be repealed.  (  DON’T  FORGET  JFK )

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Ireson Hill on Mars
Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, MSSS

Explanation: What created this unusual hill on Mars? Its history has become a topic of research, but its shape and two-tone structure makes it one of the more unusual hills that the robotic Curiosity rover on Mars has rolled near. Dubbed Ireson Hill, the mound rises about 5 meters high and spans about 15 meters across. Ireson Hill is located on the Bagnold Dune field on the slope of Mount Sharp in Gale Crater on Mars. The featured 41-image panorama has been horizontally compressed to include the entire hill. The image was taken on February 2 and released last week. Because Mars is moving behind the Sun as seen from the Earth, NASA will soon stop sending commands to its Martian orbiters and rovers until about August 1.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Moon Shadow versus Sun Reflection
Image Credit: Himawari-8, NASA‘s SVS (GSFC)

Explanation: What are those lights and shadows crossing the Earth? As the featured five-second time-lapse video progresses, a full day on planet Earth is depicted as seen from Japan‘s Himawari-8 satellite in geostationary orbit high above the Pacific Ocean. The Sun rises to the right and sets to the left, illuminating the half of Earth that is most directly below. A reflected image of the Sun — a Sun glint — is visible as a bright spot that moves from right to left. More unusual, though, is the dark spot that moves from the lower left to upper right That is the shadow of the Moon, and it can only appear when the Moon goes directly between the Earth and the Sun. Last year, on the day these images were taken, the most deeply shadowed region experienced a total eclipse of the Sun. Next month a similarly dark shadow will sweep right across the USA.

Tomorrow’s picture: thunder moon pisa


The Editor:   What is the title about, LL ?

Female Cat:  I know females are not a minority, but I’m tired of people libeling/slandering President Trump about hating women  Check this out.

This might be the biggest transportation innovation since the Wright Brothers.

Here are some swamp creatures Trump removed from the swamp.

San Franslido real estate is a trip.

Most places that I have seen that ” store husbands ” are strip clubs, whore houses, or private jets.  Ask Hill-gal.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Full Moon and Boston Light
Image Credit & Copyright: Babak Tafreshi (TWAN)

Explanation: This well-planned telephoto timelapse captures July’s Full Moon rise across outer Boston Harbor, Massachusetts, planet Earth. In the foreground, the historic terrestrial beacon is known as Boston Light. July’s Full Moon is known to some as a Thunder Moon, likely a reference to the sounds of the northern summer month’s typically stormy weather. But the eastern sky was clear for this video sequence. Near the horizon, the long sight-line through atmospheric layers filters and refracts the moonlight, causing the rising Moon’s reddened color, ragged edges and distorted shape.

Tomorrow’s picture: pixels in space


The Editor:  Can you get high on Hershey Bars, LL ?

Caramel Cat:  I guess so.

Maybe if enough kids snort it they can make CHOCOLATE SYRUP AND TAKE GENUINE CHOCOLATE FLAVOR off their syrup.–IGZg&gclsrc=aw.ds

Speaking of stuff disappearing,  Amelia Earhart is still missing.

The guy in the photo could be Joe Buck.