The Editor:   What can people do themselves to save money, time, frustration, and other things, LL ?

You Talking To Me Cat:    Anything that you can do yourself will save money.  Here is a far fetched solution that some creep wants for the future.

TE:   Why won’t it work, YTTMC ?

There is always someone who feels left out.   It isn’t good or bad, this guy is a good example, he  just flunked out of Uber School, and United Airlines has a hiring freeze.

TE:   Do you have any personal examples, for our self sufficient readers, YTTMC ?

You bet, here is a great one.   The best that I can make of this poorly written article is that it takes a week for the Pacific Commander to have his orders enforced.


The Editor:  Do you have a cockroach story, LL ?

Paul Revere Cat:  I sure do, here is a scummy cockroach from NBC  ( nobody but cockroaches ).

Ants help their wounded.

Florida never learns about exotic creatures with no natural enemies.

Here is news about the Shroud of Turin.


The Editor:  Is this about Albert, LL ?

AAArrrrgggg  Cat:    No, it’s about the parrot.

Here is an unsociable rhinoceros.

Here is the next new train.

Google’s low pay for women forces cheerleaders into prostitution.


The Editor:    What is your proposed building, LL ?

Architect Cat:   Here is what they want to build in New York.  They only need a S and X.

This is a great pool.

Here is the new San Francisco Tower.

I hope a different company built this one than the leaning tower.

Here is a refurbished room in need of more repair.

Here is the new home for the Atlanta Braves.

This is the new Atlanta Choke Falcons home.

Both new stadiums open this year.  Here  is a problem the rich people have.



Here is a sad story, caused by Bush 43, Obama, and Hitlery.  Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi   is gone and open slave markets are in operation,  the Arab Spring was a success.  If Hell exists these three should be top performers.  Where are they ?????????????


The Editor:  Has there been a landslide, LL ?

I Feel The Earth Move Cat:  There sure has, this one was in Malibu, California, USA.

Here is a use your office and taxpayer money to cover up your sleazy affair slut-slide.

This is a slide that Ole Barry Sorento is responsible for, what a piece of trash.  It is a slide into the third-world.  I hope Trump can correct it.

Samsung’s selling its phones to the Department of Defense for incendiary bomblets has paid off.  They were used in Syria.

This is a great Masters shot.

Here are two songs for the ex-Alabama Governor and his friend.