The Editor:  Is this a question or a wood working article, LL ?

Lumberjack Cat:  It’s a new sport from Colorado.  Here is the first news.

Amigo is familiar with axes, he is part Viking ( The Son of Thor ).  Here is the first recorded American TV film of small ax throwing.  It also got the longest unrehearsed laugh in TV history.

Here are some mixed news items.

Those Lumberjacks were men to appreciate.


News cat:   Here is some good news.

Expect fewer crimes in the Southwest.   With fewer flights airline customers won’t be beaten like they usually are.

Here is a female NFL player, maybe.

Dog flu is here.

Businesses should have been doing this forever.

Here is an expansion that I hope is never needed.

Bald Eagles raise a hawk.



Trump decided to make India Great==with our fighter planes, no less.


The Editor:  Did you see the leaked Sphinx article, LL ?

Beaver Cat:  I sure did, Amigo said he was not involved, but I’m not sure.  The first article, that was scrubbed cleaner than Hill-girl’s server, was about the Pope not giving absolution to Lobsters.  I almost published it but Amigo saved my reputation.

I told Amigo that if the Pope started excommunicating crooks, thieves, drunks, child abusers, extortionist, and low life scum that the DNC would have to close its doors.

Anyway, I hired a well know leak suppressor from Holland.,_or_The_Silver_Skates

I completely misread this article.  I thought Tom & Jerry had turned into advocates for things that animated characters don’t know anything about.

Again, Amigo saved my professional reputation.  Everyone knows ole Ben & Jerry save money by screwing immigrants, Obama is probably an advisor.

Here is a Supreme Court ruling that should let the Washington football team keep their old name.



The Editor:   Is this a contrast & compare article, LL ?

Rustic Cat:  No, it’s just a filler article, by the way-rustic means no electricity or running water.   Houston should forget about” amnesty ” and worry about saving their children.

Here is another old thing making a come-back.

Trump orders Y2K work stopped.

ICE is busting MS-13 gang members.

Here is a new thing, I think.

Here is old and new.–movies-thrive-streaming-world/102665316/




Alex and Megyn interview.


The Editor:  What is “phubbing”, LL ?

Tech Cat:  That’s when you ignore your partner and stay on the phone.   Here is some real news.   Congress can’t even keep their reflecting pool clean.  Who is surprised,  it’s part of the swamp.

Samsung has a giant monitor.

American parents should take control of their children’s schools–it might already be too late.

The FDA wants to recall a drug because of abuse.  They will probably re-label it for spraying on vegetables.

Chicago continues to be the murder capital of America.



Tomorrow is Father’s Day.


The Editor:    Who is wall-building, LL ?

Simon and Garfunkel Cat:   The government in Florida,  they are shutting out the bats.   When the diveeerrrsssittty crap gets personal it isn’t as much fun–no  bridges here.

The Navy is looking for a new Captain and radar system.

Here is a fuel leak found by an United Airline customer.  It looks as big as a White House, CIA, FBI leak.

Some Flint, Michigan employees are charged.

Don’t stay in a building with fire issues, such as no sprinklers or fire alarms.

National Geographic has some shark-bating issues.


The Editor:   What is going on with the Congressional Shooting, LL ?

Citizen Cat:   There are a bunch of reasons for acts like this, and a bunch of consequences.  The first is Congresspeople will want more protection.  The second will be a call to take away your guns.  Let them face the American people like the rest of us, join the jungle out here.

A big contributor to the senseless shooting is the constant divisive talk for the past eight years,  Did you ever hear O say protest peacefully ?  All I have heard is hate speech from CNN, MSNBC, Hillary, Waters, Pocahontas, Schumer, the paid demonstrators, and the other haters.

There are thousands of Americans who aren’t mentally able to put aside the hate that these creeps spew every day.  After hearing these vile people over and over again they crack.  They are on the edge already.   These creeps should be talking civilly with respect, and honor the election.  Some of them make Hitler sound reasonable.

I sure hope that the day doesn’t come that the CNN and MSNBC personalities need more security than they already get.