The Editor:  Do you know the real reason Trump visited Jerusalem, LL ?

Kosher Cat:   I sure do.  I just received a leak from Hillgirl, Schumerdevil, and Obama what’s his name.  

The Donald went to Jerusalem to inspect the Western Wall and bring it back to put on our Southern Border.  Here is a photo of the inspection.



What a difference.


The Editor:   Are you ready for some tough questions, LL ?

Answer Cat:   I sure am.

Joe Buck:   Who will survive a nuclear war ?

Thermonuclear Cat:  People on the space station, a few people in isolated locations, and a few people in bunkers.  Most people wouldn’t want to live in the aftermath.  These people stand the best chance for long term survival.

Money will be useless.

Sherlock Holmes:   Will the DC police investigate the murder of Seth Rich ?

Answer Cat:  They don’t investigate their own party.  MAYBE WE NEED AN INDEPENDENT COUNSEL.    

Pizza Customer:   Why is my pizza so spicy ?

Answer Cat:  It’s the pepper-spray.


The Editor:  What is a Fidget Spinner, LL ?

Idle Cat:   Here is a video of one.  Cats don’t use them, since we have no thumbs.

This is a link explaining their purpose.    I only write about them because after playing with them for a while our loyal readers can open liquor bottles quicker.

You can add this to my video about being careful with sharp objects,  don’t give anyone, under 21,  anything smaller than a baseball.

I wonder how this guy reached semi-maturity.

Here is a hamburger wonder.  The best ones are grilled at home.


The Editor:  Those are a variety of subjects, LL.

A Little Won’t Hurt You Cat:   They sure are, here is the drone part.

Here is the radiation part.  Our government must still think that there is no internet so we can research how much they are poisoning us.   There has never been a radiation leak, screw up, a thousand bombs exploded in Utah and Nevada, not to mention Three Mile Island, that has harmed an American.  A little bit won’t hurt you.  The federal government should be moved to a Super Fund Toxic Nuclear clean up site.  Move them to Hanford, Washington.

This is a further update.  The officials say dirt and gravel will contain the radiation.  In the meantime the poison will be cleaned up by 2060, that 42 years from now.

Here is the story of two multi-millionaires.  One prepared for the future one didn’t.  One wants more water, if it is for private non-commercial use, who cares ?


The Editor:   Is this about your birthday, LL ?

I’d Walk a Mile Cat:  No, here is a guy wishing the smoke police would leave him alone.

If he lived in this house, he could smoke as much as he wanted.  No one would walk the steps necessary to catch him.

I wish Trump would clean out the FDA of people with connections to the chemical industry.  This is the company that brought you harmless AGENT ORANGE.  Round Up is their current poison.

I wish the feds would go back to the old rules of media ownership.



The Editor:    Are we doing math or figure skating, LL ?

Figure This Cat:   Neither,  just interesting things.   Here is a good way to wash your Hijab.

Maybe her shampoo will kill the measles virus.  Maybe refugees should have a three month delay before entering America like Trump wanted.

What a bunch of Sierra, Hotel, India, Tango.

I hope the American Navy learns how to sail, before a war breaks out.

Putin has his girls ready to go.  I hope Hill-skank, Waters, Pocahontas, Feinstein, and Barbra Streisand are ready to roll.

Before long the only people left in Chi-Town will be the O’s and gang members.


The Editor:  Is this about North Carolina, The First in Flight, LL ?

Remove Key Before Flight Cat:  No, it isn’t.  I wish it was that simple. The” remove key ” is from Amigo’s lawn mower.  I’m not sure that man was made to fly.  At first it was about conquering gravity, and freeing their souls to be free.  To reach the unreachable galaxy, to go where no man has gone before.  Here are some examples of why man is destined to die on a poisoned, toxic, caustic  Earth.

TE:  That is a sad indictment of thousands of years of progress, RKBFC, is there no hope ?

No Hope Cat:   If you want hope go see Hill-manatee, she still thinks American citizens will elect her in 2060.  Here are some reasons that man’s destiny and flight don’t make sense.  First of all Boeing  can’t even keep Air Force One flying safely.  They hire the fired Secret Service alcoholics and whore-hoppers to maintain AF!.

The second reason is that United Airlines is in  ” free-fall “.   If the drug addicts they hire don’t beat you to death for refusing to give up your seat to a drunk pilot, the password to get into the cockpit is given to every passenger who orders a drink of vodka.

TE:   Those sure are reasons to reconsider flying, are there any parting words for our reluctant flyers, NHC ?

Ride The Pony Cat:   Here is a great idea to relieve tension, anxiety, frustration, paranoia, distrust, and any other personal problem than Heroin won’t temper.   Have miniature ponies at the airport to comfort passengers.   The airlines can’t keep scorpions, snakes, rats,  and bats off the planes.  How are they going to keep Pony-Sierra, Hotel, India, Tango, off the plane.   More passengers slip and fall now that at a Supreme Court Hearing.

I’m calling Steve Zodiac and Venus to help us.