The Editor:  What does the title mean, LL ?

Believe Me Cat:   It means Maxine stupid Waters is a poor liar.

Here is another problem that Bush 43 and Obama let slide.  Oh, I almost forgot, the press is also responsible.

You almost have to be a master puzzle solver to keep track of their deceit.

Here is a long overdue designation, that got overlooked by divvveeerssity.


Sphinx Main

The Editor:   What has Canada done, LL ?

Cold Cat:  Not much, here is a wayward iceberg.

Here is an example of loud sex interrupting  a tennis match.

Here are some tortoises  being relocated.

The Navy is redesigning our submarines, especially the vagin–Virginia class fast attack ships.

More mummies are found in Egypt.  They sure knew how to decorate a coffin.


Sphinx Main

The Editor:   What should our loyal readers be cautious of, LL ?

John Adams Cat:  Be cautious of the creeps and liars.   You can never rest and keep your freedom, rights, and liberties.  Currently this is your most dangerous foe, the news media.  They want to control what you see, hear, and read so they can control what you think.

Their deceit might be obvious like this.

Their treachery comes in many guises, a little here, a little there, and before you know it you can’t even speak English or fly Old Glory.

If you don’t teach your children values, morality, and ideology a government employee union member teacher will.  They are watching you, if you don’t believe it ask Trump.


The Editor:   Did you hear about the Potato Chip shortage in Japan, LL ?

Ahh Sou Cat:   I sure did.   With the strange writing on the bags they probably can’t find the ones they want.  Regardless,   haven’t they heard of Idaho ?   America has so many potatoes that people make potato-guns to get rid of them.

Rather than using a potato-gun to protect your property one police force advises this, ( I would add, don’t leave anything in sight ).

Chicago needs a new government.

DUI’s  are still bad news.

Here is a small victory for US Citizens.


The Editor:    What is your proposed building, LL ?

Architect Cat:   Here is what they want to build in New York.  They only need a S and X.

This is a great pool.

Here is the new San Francisco Tower.

I hope a different company built this one than the leaning tower.

Here is a refurbished room in need of more repair.

Here is the new home for the Atlanta Braves.

This is the new Atlanta Choke Falcons home.

Both new stadiums open this year.  Here  is a problem the rich people have.


The Editor:   Is this related to the MOAB in Afghanistan, and the Pudgy Weeble in North Korea with his H-Bombs, LL ?

You Send Me Cat:  It sure is,  with every country having their own bombs it is our duty to provide our loyal readers with some way to protect their families.  This is a great way to change those obnoxious neighbors into BFF.


The Editor:   Is this just about animals, LL ?

Ding Ding Cat:  Mostly,  Los Angeles isn’t the City of Angels for postal carriers.  If an illegal doesn’t shoot you a dog will bite you.

Try this company for organic bats.

California bears wake up.

Here are two cats that have  been watching too much politics.