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ON MY SOAPBOX….”Shop Til’ You Drop July 7″



As you have probably heard BLM is promoting a shopping Blackout Day scheduled for Tuesday, July 7. This link will explain the rules to you. They encourage your spending to be confined to only stores owned by black people on that day. (I have a plan…read on past the link.)

I am not sure how this works, but somehow, BLM thinks that…’hurting the American economy’ will turn George Floyd into Black Lazarus. As a side effect, as you will notice in the linked story above, BLM will get a whole bunch of money from contributors.

They will collect enough money from white billionaire kowtowers to have another funeral for George. Just in case the previous three were not sufficient.

They may even set up another CHOP/CHAZ Country in Seattle. This is very likely since the mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, allowed taxpayers to pay a lucrative sum to get them to close their other CHOP SHOP.

Dear Murderers, Rapists, Arsonists, Looters …Will you please, please leave so that I can get re-elected? I promise to donate a boatload of taxpayer money to your cause. I love you Chaz Choppers with all my heart. Love, JennyFile:HeartPic.png - Wikimedia Commons

So, I say…Let’s have a GIGANTIC SHOPPING SPREE on Tuesday, July 7th. If you normally buy groceries on Monday, go a day later…and buy extra goodies. If you normally buy groceries on Wednesday, go a day earlier… and buy extra goodies.

I have a few suggestions. Pass on the Quaker Oats and Aunt Jemima products. As you know, PepsiCo owns this company. They kowtowed to BLM and are removing Aunt Jemima from their products. If you get hungry on your long, exhausting, shopping excursion, take a pass on Chick-Fil-A. Chick Man Dan is also a kowtower to BLM. He thinks white people should polish the shoes of African Americans.

But wait….hold on…I have some good Chicken news for you. Go to Popeye’s Chicken. I know you think I have lost my mind. But, let me explain. Black Actress, Deidre Henry, AKA, “Annie The Chicken Queen” tells you constantly on TV commercials about her delicious chicken …Well, It Ain’t Annie’s Chicken. Jose Cil/CEO Restaurant Brands International owns Popeye’s Chicken.

I guess BLM will be erasing ‘Annie the Chicken Queen’ as soon as they return from getting their shoes polished at Chick-Fil-A .


Please Remember….SHOP TIL’ YOU DROP…..JULY 7, 2020!


Typography Illustration Featuring The Phrase Shop Til You Drop ...

Wild Bill….Dealing with masks

Pumper Truck


“I guess it is not Botox Injections, after all.”
-Sheila Tolley-


When you live outside the city limits you usually have a septic system which needs to be pumped out about every five years. It’s pretty big business and requires a special “Pumper Truck”.

This guy, with a sense of humor, is getting a lot of new business.

Good Ones


In Schumer & Piglosi’s family photo albums this picture will be described as: 

In 2020 Chuck and Nancy attended a masquerade party dressed as African Emperors.
-Sheila Tolley-