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I am getting very concerned about the November elections. It seems like the Dems have pulled out all the stops and are now actually willing to destroy a significant portion of this country in order to regain power. They tried the Russian hoax, many lawsuits, impeachment, spying on a candidate and president, the virus, and now riots to get Trump out of office. I think maybe they started their riots a little early because an opportunity or crisis was just too good to not exploit. Compound this with the governors of most blue states keeping their citizens on lockdown (people must practice social distancing unless you are a protestor or rioter or looter). The combination of multiple factors is starting to take a toll on the President’s numbers although he has done everything possible to deal with the issues. The Dems are starting to form a plan of disruption from now through the election, and will try to use more mail in voting as an insurance policy to make sure the final vote tally is whatever they need to win. 

Trump, I believe, has a couple of positive factors that he can use to swing momentum back to his position. But at least one of them is somewhat out of his control. That issue is the Durham investigation. If we do not see some favorable action on this front by the end of July I think that actually hurts Trump’s chances of re-election. You know very well that if the Dems take over the WH that Biden’s first action will be to kill all the investigations underway in the DOJ and FBI. I suspect Durham will be asked to shut down his task force, seal up all the information, and send it to his new AG – never to be seen again! So in some ways Trump’s fate is in the hand of Barr and Durham. They have both got to know what will happen come November so it is in their interests to get the show moving. I also think the debates are going to be even more important than normal because the candidates cannot hold large rallies like in the past. Trump will be able to score solid points against Biden because he is simply an empty suit and is a gaff machine. Don’t be surprised if Biden elects not to participate in any debates and will rely on the chaos being created by the Dems.

I am also beginning to wonder about the timing of a lot of these events and how neatly they seem to flow from one problem to another. I wonder how much coordination there was with China on the virus and how much China is investing in defeating Trump in November. The Dems had no problems with using Russians in 2016 to further their narrative – and of course nobody has been held accountable – so why not try it again? If you win, there will never be any investigations anyway!

June and July are going to set the table. Trump will need to put some of these issues behind him and get the people back to work, but I fear that maybe too many jobs have been permanently lost because of all the chaos in the country. If we have more than 8-9 million people still unemployed in October that may be too hard to overcome. The stars are going to have to line up soon in order to keep the WH.

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