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Tuesday Chuckles


Tuesday’s Snow People

Tuesday Smiles….



Ivan explains why he wouldn’t wear a homosexual jersey at the NHL game.

Ivan also said that carrying the “Pigskin” would be better than soccer.


This might be why, in days gone by, husbands would go out for milk or a pack of cigarettes and never be heard from again.


The Fauna Editor:  What is new, LL ?

The Safe Cat:  It is bad news for some animals.

Many people don’t like sharks.  Killer whales don’t either.

I guess Colorado only relocates illegal immigrants.  It’s sad.

Polar Bears get hungry.  It’s sad.

Nancy Pigleosi finds a misplaced Colony of Nuns in her search for someone to give her Catholic Communion.  Her Priest said she was still going to Hell.

A local hero.


Rats are leaving the sinking S.S. Biden.  The only thing keeping it afloat is a media that has begun to turn on Joey.

Willard even looks like a young Biden.  Hit the road Joey.

Check your weather forecast.


We have a new champion.


Here are the Super Bowl teams.


The Memphis Diary.

Oh, look.  They lowered standards/qualifications–everyone is equal–until they beat someone to death.  The Pentagon has also lowered standards, but still can’t fill openings.


Vote Democrat again.


America’s institutions have no souls.  Their only belief is if it feels good do it.

Eliminate all dress codes.  Use Fetterman or Zelensky as guides.

Rollan’s campaign is over.  Trump or DeSantis are the choices unless they are whacked.

A & W have some fun.

Take the test.  If your are mentally ill with a serious problem, you can be a Senator or HOR member.

She also looks White.

Protect yourself and your family.

Thanks to Ms. V for sending this link.

Illegals refuse to leave New York City hotel for another location.

It’s a good decision.

Conservative Only MEMES

CNN Headline: The Blackface of White Supremacy

Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Triple View of Comet ZTF
Image Credit & Copyright: Javier Caldera & Miguel Gracia

Explanation: Comet ZTF has a distinctive shape. The now bright comet visiting the inner Solar System has been showing not only a common dust tail, ion tail, and green gas coma, but also an uncommonly distinctive antitail. The antitail does not actually lead the comet — it is just that the head of the comet is seen superposed on part of the fanned-out and trailing dust tail. The giant dirty snowball that is Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) has now passed its closest to the Sun and tomorrow will pass its closest to the Earth. The main panel of the featured triple image shows how Comet ZTF looked last week to the unaided eye under a dark and clear sky over Cáceres, Spain. The top inset image shows how the comet looked through binoculars, while the lower inset shows how the comet looked through a small telescope. The comet is now visible all night long from northern latitudes but will surely fade from easy observation during the next few weeks.

Tomorrow’s picture: planets real and imagined

Bible Verse


I feel like this bird looks!  Mad as Hell!

UNIMAGINABLE HATE…That is the only way I can phrase the amount of hate that I feel for the windmill freaks of the world. You people who kill our birds and now our fish because you are money-hungry, greedy bastards. I use the word bastards as a generalization because I reserve the “F” word for people that I hate less than windmill freaks.
-Sheila Tolley-

Take a look at this picture. It is the migration path of thousands of birds. They paved their path in the sky many years ago.

This would be my Dream-Come-True:

That Walmart would build a new facility in the drive way of every money-hungry, greedy windmill freak. I am just curious to know if it would interfere with their standard migration path to the airport to board their private jets.