Good Night Now…Lookin’ Out My Back Door

Oh Yeah…You want to watch this….

C’mon, Albert Bourla…CEO of Pfizer, answer the questions! You and all your COVID compadres are all accessories to Murder! 

After your little cowardly stroll down the street, avoiding Hard-Ball questions, do me a little favor. After you slither behind the Communist/Socialist  rock wall of security at WEF in Davos:

Take your ears off MUTE, consume a few strong drinks to settle your nerves then….Please locate Brian Kemp…the Governor of Georgia, USA…….when he is looking his happiest …Tap him on his shoulder and tell him:

There are people in Spalding, County, Georgia, USA who still have not had their electricity reconnected after the tornado last week. Huge trees still cover homes in Spalding County.

I am so glad I never voted for Kemp in any primary….and never will.
RINO Brian Kemp is not concerned….
This Ain’t No Election year!
-Sheila Tolley-

More Republican MEMES

Republican MEMES

These are Republican MEMES because any Democrat or RINO who visits Tolley’s Topics is Uninvited, Not Welcome and needs to Get On Down The Road.

If they  clicked on this site they must be Drunk, Drugged, or Stupid. I guess there is a possibility that they inadvertently took a wrong turn. If that is the case, you need to back out of here and take a
-Sheila Tolley-


Real Republicans Do Not…

I have listed the attendees from the USA who went to this Socialist/Communist Training Seminar for your convenience.
-Sheila Tolley-



All  the crooked, sleazy, morally bankrupt politicians say elections are term limits.


This reminds me of retraining Democrats after a break.


The Height Editor:  How tall are you, LL ?

We respect the physical characteristics of all people.  Write the NYT with any complaints.

Tall Enough To Reach The Ground Cat:  The owners and employees of the New York Times volunteer to be neutered so they can’t reproduce, their families are included.  They think short people are better for the environment.

If you follow their logic only Black/Brown, homosexual, mentally challenged commies will exist on Earth.

Their real goal is to have sex with children.  Until they can get that, these shorties will do.  Democrats/Progressives want to call pedophiles Minor Attracted Person (MAP).  It isn’t as depraved.

Send The Sphinx any inventions or great thoughts by men or women who were 6 inches shorter than their peers at the time they lived.  Here is how that works.

The NYT is a political mouth piece for America’s destruction.  They LIE every day.  I wanted to play the song Short People by Randy Newman, but it is offensive. Here is a song Glenn Frey worked on.  He also worked on Short People as a “backing vocalist. ”

Sheila Jackson Lee gets one mention for 2023.  She is a bigot, racist, race hustler from way back.


The HOR should repeal this law passed before the Republicans were sworn in.  It is a back door way to get an unconstitutional raise in salary.


The movers and shakers meet in Switzerland to determine your future.  I bet you can’t find a place to park a private airplane.  Thanks to V V.


The largest teachers union, National Education Association ( NEA ) has been stealing their members blind for over 15 years.  I’m surprised they had time to sexually abuse children.

I forgot Disney helps them.  Boycott Disney.

Let’s see the Supremes ask Biden to defend breaking his oath of office–protecting America.


Harvard is where people go to be brainwashed.

I don’t believe anything they say.  Who doesn’t test a change made in an indispensable procedure ?

NYC mayor tells immigrants to eat rats or pigeons.

It’s A Crazy World Cat.  This young girl found an ancient shark tooth, without being experimented on by any teachers or doctors.

Do you need to synchronize the time on your satellite ?

DeSantis is still protecting his state/residents.


Was he vaccinated ?  Reporting early deaths is getting to be too repetitive.  They can be found in our news links.

I like this one.  Izzy was lucky,  Amigo hosed me down from a tall tree with the garden hose.  I had rather lose a life than be wet.

Every government department I can think of needs to be exposed to sunshine for a few years.