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Our loyal Republicans can now send our  “ONLY PRESIDENT  (#45) WHO PUT AMERICA FIRST” and “OUR MOST BEAUTIFUL AND CLASSY FLOTUS” a personal email.

I have sent each of them an email…..I hope you will too!

(At the beginning of the email form, you will see two drop-down arrows. Share your thought with: You will select Donald or Melania. Prefix: You will select Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc.)


President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump




Here is a pet food recall.


Fauci and Birx should be sent to Gitmo.


Stacy paid off about $228,000 of personal loans from her winning governors race.  She is an up and coming losing skank.

Biden is stuck like the Suez disaster.

More Suez news that might be relevant.


Maybe Americans are waking up.

Cuomo and Deshaun have more victims.


The Art Editor:  Are you showing some art videos, LL ?

Awakening Cat:  No, the title was a ruse to get more viewers.   A few states are defending their young girls from males with mental issues.  The males I am talking about are the ones who want to share showers, bathrooms, and compete in women’s sports.

This is a long article.

Georgia is trying to get fair elections back.  Also included is a partial list that gives some occasions that photo ID’s are required.

Saying that minorities are too stupid to get photo ID’s is how the dems keep power.  That is one of their big lies.  Another big lie is the WALL BS.  Only the uninformed believe anything the liberals say.

We are trying a new section in the Sphinx.  Who freed the slaves ?  White Americans led by a Republican, Abraham Lincoln.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

M87’s Central Black Hole in Polarized Light
Image Credit: Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration; Text: Jayanne English (U. Manitoba)

Explanation: To play on Carl Sagan’s famous words “If you wish to make black hole jets, you must first create magnetic fields.” The featured image represents the detected intrinsic spin direction (polarization) of radio waves. The polarizationi is produced by the powerful magnetic field surrounding the supermassive black hole at the center of elliptical galaxy M87. The radio waves were detected by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), which combines data from radio telescopes distributed worldwide. The polarization structure, mapped using computer generated flow lines, is overlaid on EHT’s famous black hole image, first published in 2019. The full 3-D magnetic field is complex. Preliminary analyses indicate that parts of the field circle around the black hole along with the accreting matter, as expected. However, another component seemingly veers vertically away from the black hole. This component could explain how matter resists falling in and is instead launched into M87’s jet.

Tomorrow’s picture: cleaning mars