ON MY SOAPBOX…Where is my white pointy hood



OMG! This buffoon did not just say that!

Just when you think there is nothing  more STUPID than obama sending $1.8 billion to Iran…. IN CASH, ON PALLETS, IN AN UNMARKED PLANE, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT….

…Along comes the biggest liar since all MSM combined, John Brennan. The obama-era CIA director and Trump critic, says “I’m increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days, when I see what my other white males [are] saying,” he said Monday night on MSNBC. “There are so few Republicans in Congress who value truth, honesty and integrity. And so they’ll continue to gaslight the country the way Donald Trump did.”

First of all, Brennan why did you say “my other white males?” How many white slaves do you currently own?

Secondly…All you Democratic Swine OWN the Slave Era. You are The Fathers of The KKK. So climb down off your Tall Black Horse and admit it.

Thirdly…You got options about appearing white. Remember your buddy….Democrat Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam? Remember when his picture in his 1984 medical school yearbook was released? He was shown in a picture with another student, one wearing blackface and the other wearing a Ku Klux Klan costume. Get you some Black Shinola if you do not wish to look white.

On the other hand, since you are 65 years old now, just man up, quit lying, quit being the hypocrite that you have always been. Stand your ground, John….Put on that KKK costume and proudly proclaim the truth for once, that YOUR DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS THE FOUNDING FATHERS OF THE KKK.

And Fourth, last but not least…


You can never be as ashamed of being white as we are that you are white. NEVER.


Gov. Ralph Northam's 1984 medical school yearbook shows a photo of a man dressed in blackface and a second person in a KKK robe






Here are the State Of The Union ( SOTU ) or addresses before joint sessions of Congress. Our loyal readers might recall that the 4-letter word Speaker Of The House delayed one of Trump’s addresses.  My DC reporter informs me that only two ( 2 ) things can keep Biden from giving a SOTU—one is his mental decline, and the other is having it translated from its original Chinese.


This is sad, but his family and the DNC send him out.



A great Democrat idea.






Another woman reports on ole Andy Scumbag Cuomo.  He needs to work for CNN or MSNBC.



Give a Woke Coke to every illegal crossing the border ( another great dem idea ).




The Helpful Editor:  Who needs help, LL ?

Symbol Cat:  I got an urgent call from Biden’s Ambassador to Mexico.  He is unaccustomed to what a flag symbolizes.  He thought he could fly it anyway he wanted, wipe his feet on it, spit on it, and burn it without any blow back from the Mexicans.  He thought he could treat their flag like the Democrats treat the American Flag.

Here is the Ambassador with the flag in question.  As bad as it seems, it could have been worse.  At first he thought the window curtain was their flag.


I sent him some information on the Mexican Flag, before things got out of hand.  The Mexican President said if they couldn’t show proper respect that he would stop all of the immigrants from Central/South America, Iran, China, Cuba, North Korea, etc., from traveling through Mexico to America.  He said the Democratic National Committee ( DNC ) got a 10% kickback for all dog cages, food, lodgings at the different non-profits,  and health services that the illegals received.



I asked the Ambassador if he was familiar with American Flag etiquette.  He replied that Joe Biden hasn’t seen an American Flag since it had 48 stars, and forbid them from learning anything about it.

He did say an American Flag should be flown with a Gay Pride flag.


This is 1/3 of our Mexican music library.

They only had one job to do…