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Elephants…I Love Them



We all know that elephants are the most powerful land creatures in the world. But there’s a lot we don’t know – like that whole idea that elephants love peanuts? Completely false. Or that their size makes them fearless? Nope, they avoid trees that have ants crawling on them. But there’s one fact that is important that we learn and acknowledge so that they get the respect they deserve; elephants are just like us. Here are ten reasons why:

1. They have a skin care regime too.

elephant mudbath

Though humans will do almost anything to prevent wrinkles and elephants are born with them, there are still similarities in how we need to care for our skin. For one, both elephants and humans get burnt from a day in the sun. Because elephants in the wild don’t have shelves full of sunscreen options at the tip of their trunk, they use a much more, holistic, method – mud and sand. While this works extremely well, orphans who are under human protection often haven’t learned this technique yet, and thus are covered with umbrellas or are slathered with sunscreen instead.

2. They leave a footprint on the environment.

elephant footprint

Literally. Elephants’ footprints leave such an impact in the ground that when it rains; the print fills with water, acting as a small watering hole for numerous smaller creatures.

3. They like to speed too.

elephant running

Their version is not as reckless as our habit with cars however, unless you’re a small creature crawling in the underbrush. Elephants can run up to 30 km/hour. That’s almost 20 mph. Though it doesn’t sound like much compared to our cars speeding at 85 or reaching 150 mph, when put in perspective with their up to 14,000 lb weight, there’s definitely a lot of power behind them.

4. They can all wiggle their ears… and do so much more.


While most of us only wish we could do that. Elephants use their ears for many purposes. They can flap them like fans to cool themselves down. They can communicate their mood with them – you can tell if an elephant is anxious or angry just by looking at their ears. What’s even cooler? The ears of an African elephant, which are much bigger than those of an Asian elephant, are actually SHAPED LIKE AFRICA. Pretty cool, right?

5. They were feminist BEFORE it was cool.

Elephants Marching

When it comes to elephants, females rule the school… or herd, in their case. Made up of many generations of female relatives, these herds are the ultimate version of ‘girl-time’. Can you say girls’ night out – ALL THE TIME?

6. They have a dominant side too.

elephant and tree

Just like most people are either right-handed or left – handed, elephants have the same approach, only instead of it being in regards to hands, this refers to their preference of tusk usage. Just like we use our favorite hand for heavy lifting and complicated tasks, elephants use their favorite tusk for uprooting trees and digging up earth. And just like we only write with our non-dominant hand if our first choice is in a cast or out of commission, they only use their second choice of trunk of their first is severely injured.

7. Elephants have a very important social life – just like your teenage daughter.

Elephant friends!

These gentle giants are actually some of the most social animals in existence. They even have their own language, which humans can not only not understand, but can’t hear either! Elephants also rely heavily on physical contact; they would certainly agree with you that nothing’s more comforting than a reassuring touch after a long, hard day!

8. They like to swim too – and even have a built- in snorkel!

elephant swimming

Just as humans go to the neighborhood pool to cool down on a hot summer day, elephants love to take a dip in their local watering hole. Despite their size, elepants are graceful and gifted swimmers, which is aided by their use of their trunk as a snorkel, but certainly isn’t completely attributed to it!

9. They’re take care of those in need.

adorable animal elephant cute cat

Elephants follow a ‘no man left behind’ mentality. In the face of trouble, they are extremely protective of anyone who can’t protect themselves. To keep them safe, the herd forms a circle around the elderly, the sick, and the young, so that the stronger adults can form a shield until the coast is clear.

10. They may forgive, but they’ll never forget.

John Roberts of the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.

Science has backed it up; elephants don’t forget. The reason? Evolution. The older an elephant gets, the more they’ll be able to recognize other elephants as either friend or foe. This memory responsibility falls most heavily on the shoulders of the matriarch of the herd because she is the oldest. By monitoring the elephants that get close to her herd, this allows the others to focus on mating and feeding without having to worry. This strong memory is also the reason that elephants will mourn the loss of their loved ones just as strongly as we do. With such a strong memory, all I know is I wouldn’t want to get on their bad side – who knows if they hold grudges?

African Elephants

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Video: Flash on Jupiter
Video Credit & Copyright: T. Humbert, S. Barré, A. Desmougin & D. Walliang (Société Lorraine d’Astronomie), Astroqueyras

Explanation: There has been a flash on Jupiter. A few days ago, several groups monitoring our Solar System’s largest planet noticed a two-second long burst of light. Such flashes have been seen before, with the most famous being a series of impactor strikes in 1994. Then, fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 struck Jupiter leaving dark patches that lasted for months. Since then, at least seven impacts have been recorded on Jupiter — usually discovered by amateur astronomers. In the featured video, variations in the Earth’s atmosphere cause Jupiter’s image to shimmer when, suddenly, a bright flash appears just left of center. Io and its shadow are visible on the right. What hit Jupiter will likely never be known, but considering what we do know of the nearby Solar System, it was likely a piece of rocky and ice — perhaps the size of a bus — that broke off long-ago from a passing comet or asteroid.

Tomorrow’s picture: Rubin’s Galaxy



The FBI falsified testimony of underage girls.  Someone has to clean out the vermin or accept a dictator.


One Durham indictment won’t get the job done.


Biden’s Army will probably give Milley another ribbon instead of a Treason-Court Martial.


Biden should be impeached for failing to give Milley a Court Martial for treason.  He is a traitor and Chinese spy.  Pigleosi is also involved.


Biden & Nancy have filled the dog cages.  Sleeping under a bridge is the place to be now.


The Laundrie Diary.

The reporting on this case is so *ucked up that the FBI  or Pentagon must be in charge.


MST said tax the Bich.  AOC and Nancy can both suck it.  The HOR has no ethics.

What insurrection ?


Biden is probably doing the same thing.

Maybe a goat could rescue the Americans that Biden abandoned in Kabul.


This is a great article.

Walmart to test home delivery.


Cheney, Manchin, and Romney escaped for a leisurely lunch.


Ignorant politicians elected by uneducated voters is one reason America is crashing.  I predict 20 % dead after the crash, mostly in liberal cities.  They will die like roaches trying to escape.

You will be sorry if you don’t dance to the demdungbeetles tune.


The COVID Editor:  Why are you writing about Fauci, LL ?

The Viral Cat:  I want to get his perjury in the Senate out of the way.  He is a killer, and will one day have his total involvement in COVID-19 exposed.  These are just concerning lies to the Senate.

TCE:  Can you share some DC insider secrets for our new loyal readers, TVC ?

First of all, you have to be blind or a monkey to ignore the political law-breakers in DC.  Joe is a Dictator.

Almost none can handle the truth.

Americans have to stand up to bullies and tyrants, as BLM/Antifa has shown us they will beat, burn, and terrorize anyone.

Stand up to union teachers.

Put your order in for excess military hardware.

Unions had a place in society years ago. Minimum wages, OSHA and other government agencies have mostly made them obsolete.  Now their big push is Socialism, Fascism, Communism, and controlling your children.  States should prohibit public employees from establishing unions, teachers should be first.  This is your enemy, unless you want Joe to order what you can eat, along with vaccines.



These traitorous generals have to be tried.


I didn’t know the Yorkers used banned public words.

This whole debacle has and is being covered up by the press. Maybe the people will wake up.  The dems can suck it.

This case is getting odder.

The South Carolina weird shooting.



We replaced Paige Spiranac as our golf insider with a new representative who isn’t slutty.

Here are some correct chain uses, from loyal reader RW.


Vote for someone who promises to get Google either out of politics or being a biased search engine—Break them up.

Joe used these rules to abandon American Citizens in Kabul, and liberate it for the Kabulans.


Grammar Editor:  So we can keep persuasive, pervert, and pervasive clear in our loyal readers drug induced fog, could you define pervasive, LL ?

Everywhere Cat:  Sure, it means everywhere, and usually unwelcome news.  Like plastic is everywhere on Earth, and Roundup is found in polar bears.  Read the entire definition-don’t be a grammar-shirker.

Here are two striking articles about the dems, MSM, and fascist influence.  Biden is replacing Trump appointees in positions that I have never heard of.  Obama did the same thing with Army Generals–to get a more WOKE armed force.

The replacements will support CRT–1619 Project and other BS at the Service Academies.

Another example of the traitors work is placing a warning label on the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

The Bee update.

The storm is coming.